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Connecting the TV

Cable Box

Before connecting a
cable box, see "Using
the CableCARD Device"
on page 32.
Notes on Using This Connection
To do this...
Use the cable box
Set up the TV remote control to operate the cable
Activate the remote control to operate the cable
Prevent the accidental switching of TV channels Use the Channel Fix setting to set the channels for the cable box.
For best results, use this connection if:
Your cable company scrambles all channels, which requires you to use a
cable box.
You do not have a VCR. (If you have a VCR, see pages 36 and 37.)
With this connection you can:
Use the TV's remote control to change channels coming through the
cable box to the TV's VHF/UHF input jack. (You must first program the
remote control for your specific cable box.)
To connect the cable box
Connect the CATV cable to the cable box's input jack.
Use a coaxial cable to connect the cable box's output jack to the TV's
VHF/UHF input jack.
Run Auto Program, as described in "Setting Up the Channel List" on
page 34.
CATV cable
Coaxial cable
Cable box
Do This ...
Tune the TV to the channel the cable box is set to (usually channel 3
or 4) and then use the cable box to switch channels.
Program the remote control. See "Programming the Remote
Control" on page 48.
Press SAT/CABLE (FUNCTION) once, and the SAT/CABLE
indicator lights up.
See "Accessing the Channel Settings" on page 90.
Rear of TV


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