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Flame Sensor-Qualified Servicer Only; Flue Passages-Qualified Servicer Only; Cleaning Flue Passages-Qualified Servicer Only; Main Burner Flame-Qualified Servicer Only - Whirlpool WGGE43 Installation Instructions Manual

Package gas electric furnaces
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Flame Sensor—Qualified Servicer Only
A drop in the flame current can be caused by a nearly invisible
coating on the flame sensor. This coating, created by the fuel or
combustion air supply, can be removed by carefully cleaning the
flame sensor with steel wool.
NOTE: After cleaning, the microamp signal should be stable and
in the range of 4 to 6 microamps DC.
A. Flame sensor
Flue Passages—Qualified Servicer Only
At the start of each heating season, inspect and, if necessary,
clean the unit flue passage.
Cleaning Flue Passages—Qualified Servicer Only
1. Shut off electric power and gas supply to the unit.
2. Remove burner assembly by disconnecting the gas line and
removing the manifold bracket from the partition panel.
3. Remove the flue from the induced draft blower and the
collector box cover from the partition panel.
4. The primary heat exchanger tubes can be cleaned using a
round wire brush attached to a length of high grade stainless
steel cable, such as drain cleanout cable. Attach a variable
speed reversible drill to the other end of the spring cable.
Slowly rotate the cable with the drill and insert it into one of
the primary heat exchanger tubes. While reversing the drill,
work the cable in and out several times to obtain sufficient
cleaning. Use a large cable for the large tube, and then repeat
the operation with a small cable for the smaller tube. Repeat
for each tube.
5. When all heat exchanger tubes have been cleaned, replace
the parts in the reverse order in which they were removed.
6. To reduce the chances of repeated fouling of the heat
exchanger, perform the steps listed in "Start-up, Adjustments
and Checks."
Flames should be stable, soft and blue (dust may cause orange
tips but must not be yellow). The flames must extend directly
outward from the burner without curling, floating or lifting off.
NOTE: Check the burner flames for good adjustment, stable, soft
and blue with no curling, floating or lifting off.
To avoid personal injury or death due to electrical shock,
do not remove any internal compartment covers or
attempt any adjustment. Contact a qualified servicer at
once if an abnormal flame should develop.
At least once a year, prior to or during the heating season, make a
visual check of the burner flames.
NOTE: This will involve removing and reinstalling the heat
exchanger door on the unit, which is held by 2 screws. If you are
uncertain about your ability to do this, contact a qualified
servicer. If a strong wind is blowing, it may alter the airflow
pattern within the unit enough that an inspection of the burner
flames is not possible.
1. Shut off electric power and gas supply to the unit.
2. Remove the screws securing the manifold to the burner
Manifold Assembly
Main Burner Flame—Qualified Servicer Only

Burner Flame


Cleaning Burners

retention bracket. Remove the manifold and rotate each
burner counterclockwise to remove.
A. Burner bracket
B. Burner
C. Manifold



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