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Bar And Chain Assembly - Electrolux Gladiator 550 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
Chain") Always execute correct maintenance for the bar and
chain (see chapter "Maintenance").
ATTENTION! Never use the saw without the
chain catcher.
Besides protecting the hand in the event of jumping or chain
breakage, check tightness of grip of the rear handle in
presence of branches.
ATTENTION! Never start the saw before having mounted or regulated the chain.
Wear protective gloves when mounting or regulating the chain.
ATTENTION! Always remember to mount the hinge, which is indispensable for
pulling down operations.
ATTENTION! A chain that is too slow jumps easily and represents a danger as
it can cause serious or fatal injuries.
1. Check that the brake chain isn't activated by pulling the
antiKICKBACK protection back towards the rear handle.
2. Unscrew the nuts of the Carter clutch cover and remove
the crankcase itself (brake chain). Mount the bar on the
fixing pivots pushing it back as far as possible towards the
clutch cover.
3. Set the chain above the clutch cover. Make the chain pass
through the groove. Begin from the upper part.
Check that the cutting edge of the teeth is turned forward, on
the upper side of the blade.
4. Chain tension is regulated through a screw (A) and a pivot
(B). When the bar is mounted it's very important for the
pivot located on the regulation screw to fall into line with
the bar hole (C). Turning the screw, the regulation pivot of
goes along the same. Identify this regulation before
starting to mount the bar.
5. Mount the Carter clutch cover (brake chain) and identify the
chain tensioner on the blade. Position the hinge in the
suitable location on the Carter clutch cover, in
ATTENTION! The saw is equipped with a two-speed engine. Use only an oil/petrol
mix. Do not use any other type of fuel if not that recommended by this manual.
During all time you are in contact with the fuel smoking is strictly forbidden!
All operations of maintenance, assembly, disassembly and fueling should be
done with the machine on a flat, solid surface so that the motor cannot turn over,
in a stable position with the motor off, the switch turned to O/STOP, the cutting
tool stopped and wearing adequate protective gloves.
1. This product is supplied with a two-speed engine and it
must therefore be fed with an unleaded petrol mixture
(with minimum no. of octane equal to 90) and totally
synthetic oil for two-speed engines specific for unleaded
petrol in the proportions indicated in the table in cover
point (D). Do not use oil for four-speed motors for any
reason whatsoever.
D. Bar and chain assembly
E. Motor and oil chain mix
The saw is equipped with a vibration damping system that
develops during the use of the saw.
The antiquiver system reduces vibration propagation
between engine group/cutting group and the handles. The
saw body, including cutting group, is isolated at the handles
through damping elements.
The stop switch turns the engine off. Please ascertain that
you can turn off the machine in any situation.
correspondence of the 2 fixing pivots as shown in figure.
Check that the chain traction teeth are taken into the
wheel motor and that the chain is positioned correctly in
the groove. Tighten the bar fixing nuts with your fingers.
6. Tighten the chain with the appropriate screw and
combination key, screwing clockwise.
7. Simultaneously raise the tip of the bar. The tension is
correct when the chain remains in the groove around the
bar. The chain must furthermore be able to run with the
fingers, without effort.
Tighten the two nuts, raising the tip of the bar. Always use
the combination key for the assembly and setting of chain
Often check the tension of a new chain, until the end of its
running. A chain with correct tension means better cutting
characteristics and a greater duration.
The length of the chain increases with use. Often check the
tension of the chain, better with every supply opportunity.
To ensure the correct mixture, measure the quantity of oil
to be mixed with petrol carefully. Dealing with a small
amount of petrol, even a slight mistake in proportions of
the oil has considerable importance on the percent
composition of the mixture.
ATTENTION! Carefully verify the specifications
of the oil listed on the package, the use of oils

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents