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General Safety Rules - Electrolux Gladiator 550 Instruction Manual

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WARNING! The saw is intended only for the cutting of wood
The engine group is intended only for use with the recommended cutting equip-
WARNING! The saw can be dangerous. Improper use can cause injuries or even
fatalities to the user or others.
Before using the machine, read the operating instructions carefully and comple-
tely and be sure to have understood all of the content.
1. Do not use this machine if you are tired, under the effect
of medicine, drugs or alcohol or in any other type of
physical/mental altered state that could provoke reduced
vision, dexterity or the capacity to work with potentially
dangerous machinery.
2. Always wear protection accessories: approved clothing
• Protective clothing with anti-cut protection;
• Safety boots with anti-cut protection, steel toed with an
anti-slip sole;
• Work gloves with anti-cut protection;
• Protective visor or glasses;
• Protective ear protections;
• Protective helmet to protect one from falling objects and
protrusion of trees;
3. Do not wear scarves, bracelets or any object that can get
struck in the machine or be dragged by the chain.
4. The saw must be used only by an adult and trained
5. Lend the machine only to expert people who know the
correct use of the machine. With the machine always
provide the instructions and be sure that they've been duly
read and understood completely.
6. Prolonged use of the saw can expose the operator to
vibrations that can produce "white finger phenomenon"
(Raynaud's phenomen). This could reduce the sensitivity
of the hands in distinguishing different temperatures and
cause general numbness. The operator should therefore
closely check the condition of his hands and fingers if he
uses the product continuously or regularly. If any of these
symptoms should appear he should immediately contact a
7. To guarantee maximum safety and long life of the product,
use original accessories and replacement parts. We
advise you to conduct regular checks and if necessary
bring the saw to our authorized repair centre (see chapter
on maintenance).
8. Keep people and animals far from work area, at a distance
of 10 meters or twice the length of the trunk. If necessary
use warning signals to keep people at a safe distance.
Check that the work area is clean and clear. In your area
check for any possible dangers such as: streets, paths, al
cables, trees in dangerous positions etc.
9. Always pay attention to the surrounding environment and
be aware of the possible dangers that couldn't be
perceived due to noise emitted by this unit.
10.Never use the saw to cut at a height higher than the
B. General safety rules
11.Hold the saw firmly during the job and always with both
hands. Hold the rear grip with the right hand the front
grip with the left. Always work with stable leg conditions.
12.Please make sure to be able to stop the engine in case
of necessity.
13.Do not work in trees if not specially trained and equipped
(straps, rope, safety hooks, etc) for this type of work.
14.Never use a defective saw or one that is not mounted and
covered correctly.
15.Never use an saw that has undergone modifications that
do not correspond to the original specifications.
16.The gases unloaded by the saw are poisonous. Use the
saw only in areas that are well ventilated. Do not use it in
closed spaces or explosive or flammable environments.
17.Never transport the saw with the motor running. To
transport it, even for short distances, cover the chain with
the suitable sheath (bar cover) and keep the bar turned
towards the rear part. If the saw is to be transported on a
motor vehicle put it in a stable position and avoid it
bouncing around while checking for any loss of fuel.
18.Never touch the chain if the engine is running and even
when it is off be very careful, as the teeth of the saw can
cause serious injury.
19.Keep the grips clean and dry.
20.Do not use the saw if the brake chain device is defective.
Do not touch the chain, even if stopped, when the saw is
21.Make sure that there is someone able to hear you in the
event of an accident. We also recommend, to those who
work in remote areas, to always carry a first aid kit and be
sure that someone knows your position.
22.Always work with a fire extinguisher nearby in order to
intervene in the event of a fire.
23.Do not work in bad weather conditions (rain, wind, fog
etc.). Working in bad weather is often tiring and involves
risky situations, slippery ground for instance. Strong winds
can change the direction of falling trees causing damage
to people and things.
24.Never leave the saw running when it is unattended.
25.The silencer remains very hot even after turning the
engine off; do not touch the silencer if it is still hot.
26.Preserve this manual with care and always consult it
before using the saw.

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