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Operating Instructions - Craftsman 82024 Owner's Manual

True rms multimeter with ir thermometer
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WARNING: Risk of electrocution. High-voltage circuits, both AC and DC, are extremely dangerous
and should be measured with great care.
1. ALWAYS turn the function switch to the OFF position when the meter is not in use.
2. If "OL" appears in the display during a measurement, the value exceeds the range you have
selected. Change to a higher range.
When the meter is first switched on, it automatically enters the AutoRanging mode. This
automatically selects the best range for the measurements being made and is generally the best
mode for most measurements. For measurement situations requiring that a range be manually
selected, perform the following:
1. Press the RANGE button. The "AUTO" display indicator will turn off.
2. Press the RANGE key to step through the available ranges until the range desired is selected.
3. Press and hold the RANGE button for 2 seconds to exit manual ranging.
Note: Manual ranging does not apply to the Temperature, Diode and Continuity functions.
1. Press the MAX button to activate the MAX mode. The display icon "MAX" will appear. The meter
will display and hold the maximum reading and will update only when a new maximum value is
2. Press the MAX button again to exit the mode.
Note: Max does not apply to the Resistance, Diode and Continuity functions.
Press and hold the IRT
automatically turn off after approximately 10 seconds or press and hold the button again for 2
seconds to manually turn it off.
The HOLD function freezes the reading in the display. Press the HOLD button momentarily to
activate or to exit the HOLD function.
Note: The HOLD button does not function in the IR measurement mode.
If no button is pressed the auto sleep feature will place the meter in sleep mode after approximately
15 minutes of operation. If this happens, press any button to wake the meter or switch the meter to
OFF if it no longer in use.
button for 2 second to turn the backlight on. The backlight will

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