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Lubricating Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna 325P5X-series Operator's Manual

Husqvarna chainsaw operator’s manual
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Tighten the bar nut using the combination spanner.
Check that the chain can be pulled round easily by

Lubricating cutting equipment

WARNING! Poor lubrication of cutting
equipment may cause the chain to snap,
which could lead to serious, even fatal
Chain oil
Chain oil must demonstrate good adhesion to the chain
and also maintain its flow characteristics regardless of
whether it is warm summer or cold winter weather.
As a chain saw manufacturer we have developed an
optimal chain oil which has a vegetable oil base. We
recommend the use of our own oil for both maximum
chain life and to minimise environmental damage.
If our own chain oil is not available, standard chain oil is
In areas where oil specifically for lubrication of saw chains
is unavailable, ordinary EP 90 transmission oil may be
Never use waste oil! This is dangerous for yourself, the
machine and the environment.
Filling with chain oil
The oil pump is preset at the factory to satisfy most lubrication
requirements. A full oil tank normally lasts about the same
time as a full fuel tank. Therefore check the amount of oil in
the oil tank when filling the fuel to prevent damage to the saw
chain and bar that may arise due to a lack of lubrication.
12 –
Checking chain lubrication
Check the chain lubrication each time you refuel.
Aim the tip of the bar at a light coloured surface about 20
cm (8 inches) away. After 1 minute running at 3/4 throttle
you should see a distinct line of oil on the light surface.
Adjusting chain lubrication
When cutting dry or hard species of wood it may be
necessary to increase lubrication. Turn the adjuster screw
anticlockwise to increase the oil flow. Remember that this will
increase oil consumption, check the level in the oil tank
regularly. Turn the adjuster screw clockwise to decrease the
oil flow.
What to do if lubrication does not work:
Check that the oil channel in the bar is not obstructed.
Clean if necessary.
Check that the oil channel in the gear housing is clean.
Clean if necessary.
Check that the bar tip sprocket turns freely. If the chain
lubrication system is still not working after carrying out the
above checks you should contact your service workshop.

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Table of Contents

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