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Cutting And Edging; Blade Maintenance - Bosch Art Easytrim Accu Original Instructions Manual

Bosch art easytrim accu grass trimmer original instructions
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Cutting and Edging

Remove stones, loose pieces of wood and
other objects from the cutting area.
The blade continues to rotate for a few seconds
after the trimmer is switched off. Allow the mo-
tor/blade to stop rotating before switching "on"
Do not rapidly switch off and on.
Switching On and Off
Press switch 1 and hold depressed. Release
switch 1 for switching off.
Cutting Grass
Move the trimmer left and right, keeping it well away
from the body.
The trimmer can efficiently cut grass up to a height
of 15 cm. Cut taller grass in stages.
Cutting Around Trees and Bushes
Carefully cut around trees and bushes so that they
do not come into contact with the cutting line.
Plants can die if you damage the bark.
Battery duration
Battery duration is dependent on the working condi-
light conditions:
up to 500 metres
medium conditions:
up to 300 metres
tough conditions:
up to 50 metres
15 • F 016 L70 456 • TMS • 11.11.08
Before any work on the machine itself, re-
move battery from machine.
Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry out
the following maintenance regularly.
Regularly check for obvious defects such as loose
fixings, and worn or damaged components.
Check that covers and guards are undamaged and
correctly fitted. Carry out necessary maintenance or
repairs before using.
If the trimmer should happen to fail despite the care
taken in manufacture and testing, repair should be
carried out by an authorized customer service agent
for Bosch garden products.
For all correspondence and spare parts orders, al-
ways include the 10-digit part number (TYP) from
the nameplate of the machine!

Blade Maintenance

Before any work on the machine itself, re-
move battery from machine.
To remove the worn blade 16 push in direction of the
arrow until it snaps off the pivot 17.
Clean the pivot 17 of any residual plastic/debris with
a sharp knife.
To refit the new blade 16 place the eyelet over the
pivot 17 and pull outwards until it snaps into place.
Note: Only use Bosch replacement blades. They
have been developed specially for improved cutting
performance. The use of other cutter blades will lead
to a deterioration in performance and possible dam-
age to the product.
After Trimming/Storage
Stop and remove battery from product. En-
sure battery is removed before storage.
Clean the exterior of the machine thoroughly using a
soft brush and cloth. Do not use water, solvents or
polishes. Remove all grass and debris, especially
from the ventilation slots 7.
Turn the machine on its side and clean the cutting
guard 8 inside. If grass cuttings are compacted, re-
move with a wooden or plastic implement.
Battery should be stored between 0 °C – 45 °C; in-
correct storage could result in the battery being
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