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Ninja ZX-6RR
Ninja ZX-10R
Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool
Instruction Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Ninja ZX-6RR Ninja ZX-10R Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool Instruction Manual...
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT This manual provides how to change the fuel injection amount, sub-throttle opening, and ignition timing of the racing ECU for the 2003 Ninja ZX-6RR, 2004 Ninja ZX-6RR/ZX-10R, and 2005 Ninja ZX-6RR/ZX-10R. This manual instructs the dealing method briefly for the mechanic and being familiar with the personal computer (PC).
  • Page 3 For Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool This User License Agreement ("AGREEMENT") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., a Japanese company, ("Kawasaki") for the Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool Software ("SOFTWARE").
  • Page 4 (3) NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING PERSONAL INJURY AND LOSS OF LIFE: To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Kawasaki or its suppliers be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages including personal injury and loss...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. KAWASAKI FI CALIBRATION TOOL OUTLINE ..........6 1.1 S ..................6 YSTEM UNCTION 1.2 P (PC) R ..........7 ERSONAL OMPUTER EQUIREMENT 1.3 S ................8 YSTEM ONFIGURATION 2. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE OF SETTING PROGRAM......9 2.1 I ................9...
  • Page 6 4.1.6 Help....................42 4.2 T )..................42 5. APPENDIX ....................43 5.1 C ................43 ONNECTING ETHOD 5.1.1 ’05 ZX-6RR with Optional Meter and Racing Main Harness ..... 43 5.1.2 ’05 ZX-6RR with Original Meter and Standard Main Harness, Sub harness ......................
  • Page 7: Kawasaki Fi Calibration Tool Outline

    1. Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool Outline 1.1 System Function Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool is developed to modify the mapping of the racing machine to gain operating conditions suitable for the course and the rider’s skill. The following are the available setting functions.
  • Page 8: Personal Computer (pc) Requirement

    1.2 Personal Computer (PC) Requirement The Kawasaki FI Calibration system operates on a Personal Computer (PC) having a serial communication port with the racing electronic control unit (ECU) on the motorcycle through an interface box (I/F Box). Table 2 PC Requirement...
  • Page 9: System Configuration

    1.3 System Configuration The Kawasaki FI Calibration tool kit consists of (1) Racing ECU, (2) Racing Main Harness or Standard Harness plus Racing Sub-harness, (3) I/F Box, and (4) Setting Program. The Setting Program must be installed to your PC.
  • Page 10: Installation Procedure Of Setting Program

    2. Installation Procedure of Setting Program Program files will be supplied to users through Internet from “kawasakidirect”. Download the Software “Kawasaki FI Calibration. EXE” to your PC and uncompress to suitable folder NOTE • › Before installing the new Setting Program to the PC in which old version Program is installed, save the old est files as back-up and then un-install the previous Program.
  • Page 11 Click Agree when you agree to the Product License Agreement. Click Not agree when you do not agree to the Product License Agreement. Then the installing procedure is stopped. (4) Next the Serial Information screen shown in Fig. 4 appears. Enter the information in both columns.
  • Page 12 (5) The destination folder selection screen shown in Fig. 6.appears. Fig. 6 Choosing Destination Folder Choose the destination folder. The default setting is C:╲Program Files╲RACE╲ FI-Tool. If you want to install the Program to another folder, click the Browse button to display the Choose Folder screen shown in Fig.
  • Page 13 Click Install to start the installing procedure. Click Cancel to stop the installing procedure. (6) After the Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool program is installed, the Setup finish screen shown in Fig. 8 appears. Fig. 8 Setup Finish Screen If the destination folder has a file that has the same name of the file to be copied and whose time stamp is newer than that for the file to be copied, the message screen shown in Fig.
  • Page 14: File Structure

    2.2 File Structure • E Files to be copied into a destination folder FI_Tool.exe Program file FI_Tool.bmp 256-color splash screen file FI_Tool FC.bmp Full-color splash screen file MCN_LIST.DAT Setup.exe Uninstall file for execution • E Files to be copied into the ZX600K folder under the destination folder. FI_Tool.ini Setting file for FI_Tool.exe of ZX600K FI_Tool.stz...
  • Page 15: Uninstalling Procedure

    2.3 Uninstalling Procedure Uninstalling operation can be executed on the Add/Remove service application in the Control Panel. (1) Open the Control Panel screen from My Computer or Explorer screen. Fig. 10 Control Panel Screen Then click the Add/Remove icon. (2) Add/Remove Programs Properties screen appears. Fig.
  • Page 16 Click FI Calibration Tool and then click Add/Remove to start the Setup program. (3) The screen shown in Fig. 12 appears. Fig. 12 Uninstall Starting Screen Click Yes to start the uninstalling procedure. (4) After the uninstallation is completed, Uninstall Completion screen shown in Fig. 13 appears.
  • Page 17: Operating The Program

    3. Operating the Program 3.1 Starting (1) Double-click the shortcut icon Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool on the Desktop screen or click the Kawasaki FI Calibration Tool in Program Menu on Start Menu. (2) Then Machine Select screen shown Fig. 15 appears.
  • Page 18 (4) The Open dialog shown in Fig. 17 appears. Fig. 17 Open Dialog Click the data file to be edited in the Open dialog screen. The selected data file name is shown in the File name. Then click the Open button. (4) The Menu dialog screen shown in Fig.
  • Page 19 “Comp. Map for Spark Advance”: Regulate the ignition timing “Comp. Map for Sub Throttle”: Regulate the sub-throttle opening “Comp.Map for Exhaust Valve”: Regulate the exhaust valve opening “Pit Road Limit RPM” (’05 ZX-10R only): Regulate the pit road limit RPM “Auto Shifter Ignition Cut Length”...
  • Page 20: Each Map Edit Method

    3.2 Each Map Edit Method 3.2.1 Map Edit Select one Label in the Menu dialog and click the OK button or the Enter (Return), or double click one Label to display the Map Edit Screen shown in Fig. 19. Label Fig.
  • Page 21 NOTE If you closed the GRAPH or TABLE, open the Menu dialog on the Menu button of • › the Tool bar and select the subject Map. If you switched the subject Map using Map switching button, only the display •...
  • Page 22 {Page Up}: Increases the selected point by an LSB* {Page Down}: Decreases the selected point by an LSB {Enter}: Defines data {Ctrl} + {Shift} + arrow: Switches the selected cells to the arrow direction LSB means Least Significant Bit. Line “6.3” is now selected. Cursor Point Line “6.3”...
  • Page 23 If a value out of the range is entered on the graph or table, the error message shown in Fig. 22 will appear and the available maximum or minimum value will be set. Fig. 22 Error Message...
  • Page 24: Map Axis Edit

    3.2.2 Map Axis Edit In the TABLE area the axis data (Engine Revolution and Throttle Opening) can be edited by keying in the data directly after selecting the cell by mouse or keystrokes. The data is always exchanged to the nearest available setting value. Axis data of Engine Revolution Axis data of Throttle Opening Fig.
  • Page 25 NOTE The data of engine revolution must be set in a value always larger than the • › left neighbor value and smaller than the right neighbor. If a value out of the available range is input, the data will be rounded within the available range. The data of throttle opening must be set in a value always larger than the •...
  • Page 26: Multi Map Edit

    3.2.3 Multi Map Edit The Multi Map Edit can be used for the “Comp. Map for Injection No.1 and No.2” and map edit for all cylinders can be carried out at the same time. Click the Multi Map Edit button in the Menu dialog Fig.
  • Page 27 CAUTION Never edit the Multi Map setting by selecting the axis data in the Table editing area, or the axis data could be broken and the program could close. NOTE When selecting Multi Map editing mode, #2 Map data is overwritten with the •...
  • Page 28: Individual Value Edit

    3.2.4 Individual Value Edit In this Mode you can edit the four Values. Click the Constants list button on the Menu Dialog to display the Setting Values Edit screen. Fig. 28 Menu Dialog Screen Then Fig. 29 appears. Decimal data entry and display screen Move with shift key •...
  • Page 29 <Setting Items: in case of ZX1000-C1/C2> The editable items in the Constants List are as follows: All Area Fuel Compensation Value: can be set in the range from –30 % to + 30 % (applied to all cylinders) OverRev shift Value: set the off-set value from the standard Over Rev Limiter, can be set in the range from –1,000 rpm to +700 rpm (ZX1000-C1 cannot be set this value.) Select “Fuel Cut”: set the Yes or Not of Fuel Cut at decreasing the speed...
  • Page 30 If a value out of the range is put in the table, the error message shown in Fig. 31 will appear and the nearest available value will be set. Fig. 31 Error Message NOTE The total Fuel Compensation Value is limited within -30% to +30% range of the •...
  • Page 31: Changing Ecu Data

    3.3 Changing ECU Data The racing ECU has two kinds of memory called ROM and RAM. So, there are two data exchange methods. ROM: Read Only Memory. Non-Volatile Memory. The content in the memory is held even if the power source is turned off. RAM: Random Access Memory.
  • Page 32 Then the Data Exchange screen shown in Fig. 34 appears. Fig. 34 Data Exchange Screen In the Data Exchange screen, you can read, write and verify the data among the ECU data edit data and file data. The operation contents are shown on the screen step by step. Fig.
  • Page 33 [Write] Click this button to write the read data of the PC operating memory into the ECU or memory in PC. At this time it is necessary that ignition switch is ON but engine is not running. Write Data ¥ ECU: write the data into ECU (when Monitor is in the Start condition, the display is grayed out.) ¥...
  • Page 34 CAUTION After verifying the data, wait until the fuel pump and the sub throttle valve stops. Then execute next operation or turn off the ignition switch. [Clear] Click this button to clear the data exchange area on the PC. [Close] Click this button to finish the data change (clear the operating memory) and close the Data Exchange screen.
  • Page 35: Other Functions

    3.4 Other Functions 3.4.1 Monitoring Function In this mode, the data inside the ECU can be displayed during engine operation. Go to the pull down Monitor menu and select Monitor or click Monitor icon on the toolbar. The Monitor dialog shown in Fig. 36 appears. (This window can be resident) Fig.
  • Page 36 Add/delete the items to be output on the monitor display Items to be output on the monitor Items list Fig. 37 Item Setting Dialog Setting Monitor dialog items >>[A]: Add items selected from the list to the Monitor Dialog Item area <<[D]: Delete items from the Monitor Dialog Item area Details of monitoring items are as follows (in case of ZX600M): Comp_Asynchronous Injection:...
  • Page 37: Data Edit During Engine Operation

    Pit Road SW [OFF:0/ON:1]: Condition of Pit Road RPM Limit SW at monitoring When “Select Pit Road RPM Limit” is set 0 (Used), you can monitor. (ZX1000-C2 only) Shifter SW [OFF:0/ON:1]: Condition of Shifter SW at monitoring When “Select Auto Shifter” is set 0 (Used), you can monitor. (ZX1000-C2 only) 3.4.2 Data Edit during Engine Operation You can reflect the Map and edit contents for each setting in the ECU during engine...
  • Page 38: Default Directory Setting Function

    3.4.4 Default Directory Setting Function In this mode, you can set the default folder when File Open is carried out. Go to the pull down Set menu to select Directory. The Directory dialog shown in Fig. 39 appears. Directly enter the folder name by keystroke or use the Browsing function in the folder search dialog to select the folder from the existing folders.
  • Page 39: Changing The Target Machine

    3.6 Changing the Target Machine You can change the editing data according to the target machine. To change the target machine, go to the pull down Set menu and select Machine Select. Then the dialog shown in Fig. 40 appears. Fig.
  • Page 40: New Usable Functions

    3.7 New Usable Functions 3.7.1 Plural Cells Data Selecting You can select the plural cells. This is useful when copying the data to excel file or changing the data simultaneously. (See Fig. 42). Select the start point [Click (Left button)], and select the end point [{Shift} + Click (Left button)] or [{Shift} + {Ctrl} + arrow key] 1.
  • Page 41: Plural Cells Data Changing Method

    3.7.3 Plural Cells Data Changing Method You can change the value of plural cells simultaneously. Directly input the value + {Enter} or press {Page Up} / {Page Down} key. One {Page Up} increases 0.78 points and one {Page Down} decreases 0.78 points. FI Calibration Tool input value, ex.(5) + {Enter}.
  • Page 42: Menu List

    4. Menu List 4.1 Pull down Menu 4.1.1 File Open Ctrl + O Loads data file Close Closes the loaded file. Save Names the file and saves it. Menu Displays the Menu dialog. Exit Alt + F4 Finishes FI_Tool 4.1.2 Edit(E) Undo Ctrl + Z Cancels the data edit.
  • Page 43: Window

    TABLE-***** Displays the active windows list 4.1.6 Help Tool box Displays the tool box dialog About Kawasaki Displays the Version dialog. Calibration Tool 4.2 Tool Bar (Icon) Fig. 45 Tool Box Dialog Explanation from the left side Open the file (File - Open)
  • Page 44: Appendix

    5. Appendix 5.1 Connecting Method 5.1.1 ’05 ZX-6RR with Optional Meter and Racing Main Harness When installing the Racing Main Harness, refer the Race Kit Manual of ZX600-N1 (P/No. 99929-1868-01). Fig. 46 Connecting Method (1) Replace the ECU with Racing ECU. (2) Replace the Standard Main Harness with Racing Main Harness.
  • Page 45: 05 Zx-6rr With Original Meter And Standard Main Harness, Sub Harness

    5.1.2 ’05 ZX-6RR with Original Meter and Standard Main Harness, Sub harness (1) Replace the ECU with Racing ECU. (2) Connect the Sub-harness connectors to the diagnosis line of Main Harness. (3) Insert the two leads of Sub-harness to the ECU connector as shown. ➀...
  • Page 46: 05 Zx-10r With Racing Main Harness

    (4) When inserting the leads, follow the method [A] and [B] shown below, or the edge of the lead could damage the rubber seal inside connector. Fig. 48 Inserting Method of Leads 5.1.3 ’05 ZX-10R with Racing Main Harness Connecting method (1) Remove the Standard Main Harness and install the Racing Main Harness (P/No.
  • Page 47: 05 Zx-10r With Original Meter And Standard Main Harness

    5.1.4 ’05 ZX-10R with Original Meter and Standard Main Harness When replacing the ECU, refer the Service Manual of ZX1000-C1/C2. (1) Replace the original ECU with Racing ECU. (2) Insert the Racing Sub-harness between Racing ECU and Standard Main Harness. (3) Connect the connector of I/F Box to the connecting port of Racing Sub-harness.
  • Page 48: Caution Items When Using The I/f Box

    5.2 Caution Items when using the I/F Box 5.2.1 Caution when using the I/F Box 1. When connecting/detaching the I/F Box to/from the connector of the motorcycle, keep the ignition switch turned off. 2. Do not use the I/F Box except setting usage of the motorcycle ECU.. 3.
  • Page 49 When “?” mark or “x” mark is displayed on the COM1, the communication between ECU and PC cannot be done. Cancel the “?” mark or “x” mark by referring the PC Instruction Manual or Help function of the Windows. (2) Setting Method of the Setting Tool Select the RS232C in the toolbar Set of the Setting Tool.
  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    5.3 Troubleshooting Refer the below table when you have troubles. Table 4 Troubleshooting Trouble Cause Countermeasure Program cannot be Operating method not Read manual carefully installed. understood and understand it. Program does not PC does not match with Select suitable PC. work.
  • Page 51 Doc. No. 99929-1872-01...

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