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Lighting Procedure - Electrolux GSG 580 User's Installation And Servicing Manual

Gas supergrill/jet grill
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14. Remove the pressure test gauge and refit the Pressure Test
point Sealing Screw.
15. Turn ON the gas supply at the Isolating Tap and leak-test
the Pressure Test Point Sealing Screw.
16. Reconnect the Piezo Ignition Cable to the Igniter Unit on
the Control's Fascia.
17. Turn the appliance Main Control Tap to the Ignition
position and operate the igniter button ensuring that the
Pilot Burner ignites safely.
18. Turn the Main Control Tap to OFF, remove the Control
Tap Knobs, and refit the Control's Fascia Panel.
19. Check that the inner Top Panel can be easily removed and
NOTE: When installation and commissioning is completed,
leave ALL the Instruction Manuals with a responsible person.
a) This appliance is designed for commercial purposes only
and must, therefore, be opereted by trained personnel.
b) It is the responsibility of kitchen supervisor to warn users
of this equipment to wear suitable protective clothing.
c) During normal operation, part of this appliance will
became hot, suitable precautions must, therefore, be taken
by users to avoid risk of accidental burns.
d) When using the Brander Plate, always fit the Drip/Basting
Trough, and empty it frequently, Don't allow the Trough
to became too full or overflow, or too full to handle
e) Always pre-heat Brander Plate for approximately 20
minutes at FULL on before use.
NOTE: In event of a fault developing, it is essential to turn
OFF the gas at Isolating Tap, and inform a competent person.


IMPORTANT: SUPERGRILLS have two Main Burners with
a single Pilot Burner situated at the R.H. side within the
Grilling Compartment. Both Main Burners are controlled by a
Main Control Tap and a Front Burner Control Tap.
1. Check that the appliance Main Control Tap is in the OFF
2. Turn ON the gas supply at the Isolating Tap.
3. Push the Main Control Knob in and turn to the IGNITION
position. An arrest will be felt to identify the position.
Keep the knob depressed.
4. Press the Ignition Button firmly (several times if
necessary) until the Pilot Burner flame ignites.
5. Hold the Main Control Knob pressed in for 20 seconds,
then release it. The Pilot Burner should stay alight. If the
Pilot Flame goes out, then repeat the procedure holding
the Main Control Knob pressed in for a longer period.
NOTE: The Pilot Burner can also be lit by applying a lit spell
or taper to the Pilot Burner whilst operating the Main Control
Tap as directed above.
Once the pilot been established, the Rear Burner can be
turned on.
Turn the Main Control Knob anti-clockwise to the LOW
position. Rear Burner will automatically ignite from the Pilot
The Main Control Tap will allow the Rear Burner to be
turned down to a low-flame setting for use when there is no
Turn the Main Control Knob further anti-clockwise from the
LOW to the HIGH position, for full on.
To revert to LOW, turn the Main Control Knob clockwise to
the LOW position.
The Front Burner Control Knob in position OFF the Front
Burner will be extinguished.
In position ON the Front Burner will be LOW/HIGH if the
Main Control Knob is in position LOW/HIGH.
1. Turn the Main Control Knob clock-wise to the IGNITION
position, the Main Burner will extinguish BUT the Pilot
Burner will remain alight ready for Main Burner ignition
when required (standby).
2. Turn the Main Control Knob clock-wise to the OFF
position - both the Main Burner AND Pilot Burner will go
Follow lighting instructions.
Place the Toasting Grid - with the Crumb Tray in place on the
base of the Grill - in the third runner up from the grill base.
Place the bread on the Grid, as required. Alternative grid
positions are provided to suit individual preferences and the
thinckness of the bread.
Grilling foods such as bacon, sausages, etc. can be carried out
using The Toast Grid, BUT always fit the Crumb Tray to
collect grease and juices.
The position of the Grid in the grilling compartment will
depend upon personal taste. Initially try the third runner up
from the base.
For shallow dishes place them upon the Toasting Grid; for tall
(deep) dishes place upon the base of the grill. Use the Crumb
Tray - if there is any fear of spillage or boil over - placed
upon the base of the grill.
(Grilling Hearth)
The Brander Plate is thick cast aluminium plate having a
ribbed surface. It is mounted upon a special frame and has the
advantage to be able to be mounted flat or inclined in one of
several positions. The Crumb Plate should be stored upon the
base of the grill when using the Brander Plate.



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