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Safety Notes - Siemens HiPath500 Operation

Gigaset sl3 professional in hipath cordless office
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Safety notes

Safety notes
Battery pack
Do not use the handset in potentially explosive atmospheres.
To avoid mutual interference, do not operate the handset in the
vicinity of electronic equipment.
Do not use the handset in wet rooms! Devices are not splash-
A transmitter signal is emitted by your handset. Please observe
safety procedures for your area.
The ringing tone, signal tones and handsfree talking (speakerphone
mode) are played over the loudspeaker. Do not hold the telephone
to your ear when it is ringing or if speakerphone mode is switched
on. Otherwise you may seriously impair your hearing.
Information for hearing aid users: Radio signals can interfere in
hearing aids.
Please provide the operating instructions with the handset if giv-
ing it to another user.
Only use the original rechargeable battery pack recommended
by Siemens.
Do not use a standard rechargeable battery pack. This can result
in serious injury and material damage (risk of explosion, degra-
dation of battery pack cladding, functional interference and
handset damage).
Avoid contact with fire and water.
Only use the approved C39280-Z4-C373 power supply unit to
operate the charging shell.


Table of Contents

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