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Maintenance - Klutch MIG 140Si Owner's Manual

Welding system klutch
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1. Select the wire diameter and heat setting recommended above for the method of spot welding
you intend to use.
2. Tune in the wire speed as if you were going to make a continuous weld.
3. Hold the nozzle piece completely perpendicular to and about 1/4 inch off the work piece.
4. Pull the trigger on the torch and release it when it appears that the desired penetration has been
5. Make practice spot welds on scrap metal, varying the length of time you hold the trigger, until a
desired spot weld is made.
6. Make spot welds on the actual work piece at desired locations.


Maintain your KLUTCH MIG 140Si. It is recommended that the general condition of any
KLUTCH MIG 140Si be examined before it is used. Keep your KLUTCH MIG 140Si in good
repair by adopting a program of conscientious repair and maintenance. Have necessary repairs
made by qualified service personnel.
Periodically clean dust, dirt, grease, etc. from your welder.
Every six months, or as necessary, remove the cover panel from the welder and air-blow any
dust and dirt that may have accumulated inside the welder.
Replace power cord, ground cable, ground clamp, or electrode assembly when damaged or
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