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Tumble Dryer - Siemens Tumble dryer Instructions For Installation And Use Manual

Tumble dryer
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Safety instructions
– Pull the appliance plug out of the socket immediately or disconnect the fuse.
ONLY use the
– in rooms inside the house.
– to dry fabrics.
The dryer must
– be used for other purposes than those described above.
– be modified in terms of its technology or attributes.
– The dryer must not be used by children or persons who have not been
instructed in its use.
– Do not leave children unsupervised near the dryer.
– Keep pets away from the dryer.
– Remove all objects from pockets.
Make especially sure that cigarette lighters are removed as they constitute an
explosion hazard.
– Do not lean or sit on the door
– Secure loose cables
– Do not operate the dryer if there is a risk of frost.
– Connect the dryer according to specifications to an AC earthed socket, as
otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that the appliance is completely safe.
– The cable cross-section must be sufficient.
– Only use earth-leakage circuit breakers with the following symbol:
– The appliance plug and socket must be compatible.
– Do not use multiple plugs/couplings and/or extension cables.
– Do not hold the appliance plug with wet hands
– Never pull the appliance plug out of the socket by its cable.
– Do not damage the mains lead
– Only load the drum with laundry.
Check the contents before you switch the dryer on.
– Do not use the dryer if the laundry has been in contact with solvents, oil, wax,
grease or paint (e.g. hair setting spray, nail polish remover, stain remover,
cleaning solvent, etc.)
– Dust (e.g. coal dust, flour) poses a danger: do not use the dryer
explosion hazard.
– Do not put laundry containing foamed material/rubber in the dryer
material may be destroyed and the dryer may be damaged due to possible
deformation of the foamed material.
– Switch off the dryer once the programme has ended.
– Condensation is not drinking water and may be contaminated with fluff.
– Do not use the dryer if it is defective or if you suspect it is.
Repairs must only be carried out by the after-sales service.
– Do not use the dryer if the mains cable is defective. To avoid danger, only
have the defective mains cable replaced by the after-sales service.
– Always pull the mains plug out of the socket before changing the bulb for the
interior light
risk of electric shock.
Spare parts
– Only use genuine spare parts and accessories for safety reasons.
– Dryer: pull out the appliance plug, then cut off the mains cable from the
Dispose of at municipal waste disposal facility.
– Packaging: do not leave children alone with packing parts
risk of suffocation.
– All materials are environmentally sound and can be reused.
Dispose of in an environmentally-responsible manner.
risk of tipping.
tripping hazard.
risk of electric shock.
risk of electric shock.
fire/explosion hazard.
Observe the safety
instructions on page 11.

Tumble dryer

for installation and use
Read these instructions and the separate
Energy-saving mode instructions before
operating the dryer.

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