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Cylinder Head; Compression Measurement - Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD Service Manual

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Cylinder Head

Compression Measurement

Remove the seat (see Seat Removal in the Frame chap-
Thoroughly warm up the engine so that the engine oil be-
tween the piston and cylinder wall will help seal compres-
sion as it does during normal running.
Stop the engine, remove the fuel tank, ignition coil and
spark plugs, and attach the compression gauge firmly into
the spark plug hole.
Special Tools - Compression Gauge, 20 kgf/cm² [A]: 57001
Compression Gauge Adapter, M12 × 1.25
[B]: 57001-1183
Measure the cylinder compression.
Using the starter motor, turn the engine over with the throt-
tle fully open until the compression gauge stops rising; the
compression is the highest reading obtainable.
Be sure the battery is fully charged.
Be sure no air leaks out of the cylinder head gasket.
Cylinder Compression (Usable Range)
961 ∼ 1 471 kPa (9.8 ∼ 15.0 kgf/cm², 139 ∼ 213 psi) @410
r/min (rpm)
Repeat the measurement for the other cylinder.
If cylinder compression is higher than the usable range,
check the following:
1. Carbon build-up on the piston head and cylinder head.
- clean off any carbon on the piston head and cylinder
2. Cylinder head gasket, cylinder base gasket - use only
the proper gaskets for the cylinder head and base. The
use of gaskets of the incorrect thickness will change the
3. Valve stem oil seals and piston rings - rapid carbon ac-
cumulation in the combustion chambers may be caused
by damaged valve stem oil seals and/or damaged piston
oil rings. This may be indicated by white exhaust smoke.
If cylinder compression is lower than the usable range,
check the following:
1. Gas leakage around the cylinder head - replace the
damaged gasket and check the cylinder head for warp-
2. Condition of the valve seating.
3. Valve clearance - if a valve requires an unusually large
adjustment to obtain proper clearance, the valve may be
bent, and not seating completely.
4. Piston/cylinder clearance, piston seizure.
5. Piston ring, piston ring groove.


Table of Contents

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