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Coolant Filling; Visual Leak Inspection - Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD Service Manual

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Coolant Filling

Install the drain plug. Always replace the gasket with a
new one, if it is damaged.
Tighten the drain plug.
Torque - Coolant Drain Plug: 11 N·m (1.1 kgf·m, 95 in·lb)
Fill [A] the radiator up to the bottom of the radiator filler
neck [B] with coolant [C], and install the cap turning it
clockwise about 1/4 turn.
Pour in the coolant slowly so that it can expel the air
from the engine and radiator.
The radiator cap must be installed in two steps. First
turn the cap clockwise to the first stop. Then push down
on it and turn it the rest of the way.
Fill the reserve tank up to the "F" level line with coolant,
and install the cap.
Check the cooling system for leaks.
Start the engine, warm it up thoroughly, and then stop it.
Check the coolant level in the reserve tank after the en-
gine cools down.
If the coolant level is low, add coolant up to the "F" level
Soft or distilled water must be used with the an-
tifreeze (see below for antifreeze) in the cooling sys-
If hard water is used in the system, it causes scales
accumulation in the water passages, and consider-
ably reduces the efficiency of the cooling system.
Choose a suitable mixture ratio by referring to the
coolant manufacturer's directions.
Water and Coolant Mixture Ratio (Recommended)
: 50%
Soft Water
: 50%
: –35°C (–31°F)
Freezing Point
: 1.3 L (1.37 US at) (up to "Full" mark)
Total Amount

Visual Leak Inspection

Any time the system slowly loses water, inspect for leaks.
Check the water pump body drainage outlet passage [A]
for coolant leaks.
If the mechanical seal is damaged, the coolant leaks
through the seal and drains through the passage. Re-
place the mechanical seal.
If there are no apparent leaks, pressure test the system.


Table of Contents

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