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Gear Shifting Faulty; Abnormal Engine Noise; Over Cooling; Clutch Operation Faulty - Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Troubleshooting Guide
Fuel/air mixture incorrect:
Main jet clogged or wrong size
Fuel level in carburetor float bowl too low
Carburetor holder loose
Air cleaner duct loose
Air cleaner poorly sealed, or missing
Air cleaner O-ring damaged
Air cleaner clogged
Compression high:
Carbon built up in combustion chamber
Engine load faulty:
Clutch slipping
Engine oil level too high
Engine oil viscosity too high
Drive train trouble
Brake dragging
Lubrication inadequate:
Engine oil level too low
Engine oil poor quality or incorrect
Coolant incorrect:
Coolant level too low
Coolant deteriorated
Cooling system component incorrect:
Radiator fin damaged
Radiator clogged
Thermostat trouble
Radiator cap trouble
Radiator fan switch trouble
Fan motor broken
Fan blade damaged
Water pump not turning
Water pump impeller damaged

Over Cooling:

Cooling system component incorrect:
Radiator fan switch trouble
Thermostat trouble

Clutch Operation Faulty:

Clutch slipping:
Friction plate worn or warped
Steel plate worn or warped
Clutch spring broken or weak
Clutch cable maladjusted
Clutch hub or housing unevenly worn
No clutch lever play
Clutch inner cable catching
Clutch release mechanism trouble
Clutch not disengaging properly:
Clutch plate warped or too rough
Clutch spring compression uneven
Engine oil deteriorated
Engine oil viscosity too high
Engine oil level too high
Clutch housing frozen on drive shaft
Clutch hub nut loose
Clutch hub spline damaged
Clutch friction plate installed wrong
Clutch lever play excessive
Clutch release mechanism trouble

Gear Shifting Faulty:

Doesn't go into gear; shift pedal doesn't
Clutch not disengaging
Shift fork bent or seized
Gear stuck on the shaft
Gear positioning lever binding
Shift return spring weak or broken
Shift return spring pin loose
Shift mechanism arm spring broken
Shift mechanism arm broken
Shift pawl broken
Jumps out of gear:
Shift fork ear worn, bent
Gear groove worn
Gear dogs and/or dog holes worn
Shift drum groove worn
Gear positioning lever spring weak or bro-
Shift fork pin worn
Drive shaft, output shaft, and/or gear
splines worn
Gear positioning lever spring weak or bro-
Shift mechanism arm spring broken

Abnormal Engine Noise:

IC igniter trouble
Carbon built up in combustion chamber
Fuel poor quality or incorrect
Spark plug incorrect
Piston slap:
Cylinder/piston clearance excessive
Cylinder, piston worn
Connecting rod bent
Piston pin, piston pin hole worn
Valve noise:
Valve clearance incorrect
Valve spring broken or weak
Camshaft bearing worn
Rocker arm worn
Rocker shaft worn
Other noise:
Connecting rod small end clearance exces-
Connecting rod big end clearance exces-
Piston ring worn, broken, or stuck
Piston seizure, damage
Cylinder head gasket leaking


Table of Contents

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  • Ricardo Paluan Apr 27, 2016 01:22:
    Adquiri recentemen​te uma moto vulcan 500 ano 1995. Tenho o 37 anos e iniciante no mundo motociclis​ta. Entretanto​, em razão só tempo e idade da moto, não tenho o manual do proprietá​rio, sendo este indispens