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Battery Ordinary Charging - Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD Service Manual

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Battery Ordinary Charging

Remove the battery from motorcycle.
Always remove the battery from the motorcycle for
changing. If the battery is charged while still in-
stalled, battery electrolyte may spill and corrode the
frame or other parts of the motorcycle.
Clean off the battery using a baking soda-and-water so-
Mix one heaping tablespoon of baking soda in one cup of
Be careful not to get any of the cleaning solution in the
The terminals must be especially clean.
If any of the cells are low, fill them to the LOWER level
line with distilled water only. The electrolyte will expand
during charging, and the level will rise.
Connect a charger to the battery BEFORE turning it on.
Keep the battery away from sparks and open flames
during charging, since the battery gives off an ex-
plosive gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. When
using a battery charger, connect the battery to the
charger before turning on the charger. This proce-
dure prevents sparks at the battery terminals which
could ignite any battery gases.
Set the charging rate and time according to the battery
condition previously determined (see Battery Condition),
using the table.
Do not use a high rate battery charger as is typi-
cally employed at automotive service stations, un-
less the charger rate can be reduced to the level re-
quired. Charging the battery at a rate higher than
specified may ruin the battery. Charging at a high
rate causes excess heat which can warp the plates
and cause internal shorting. Higher-than-normal
charging rates also cause the plates to shed active
material. Deposits will accumulate, and can cause
internal shorting.
If the temperature of the electrolyte rises above
45°C (115°F) during charging, reduce the charging
rate to lower the temperature, and increase charg-
ing time proportionately.
Turn the charger off then disconnect it from the battery.
Check battery condition (See Battery Condition).
If the battery condition indicates that it is not fully charged,
additional charging is necessary.


Table of Contents

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