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Front Fork
Drain the fork oil into a suitable container.
Pour in the specified type and amount of fork oil.
Front Fork Oil
Amount (per side)
When changing oil: approx. 430 mL (14.5 US oz.)
After disassembly
and completely dry: 507 ±4 mL (17.1 ±0.14 US oz.)
If necessary, measure the oil level as follows.
Hold the outer tube vertically in a vise.
Pump the inner tube several times to expel air bubbles.
Wait until the oil level settles.
With the fork leg fully compressed, insert a tape measure
or rod into the inner tube, and measure the distance from
the top of the inner tube to the oil.
Oil Level (fully compressed, without spring)
Standard: 125 ±2 mm (4.92 ±0.08 in.) (from the top of
the inner tube)
If the oil is above or below the specified level, remove or
add oil and recheck the oil level.
Fork oil level may also be measured using the fork oil level
gauge as follows.
Special Tool - Fork Oil Level Gauge: 57001-1290 [A]
Set the gauge stopper [B] so that its lower side shows the
oil level distance specified.
With the fork leg fully compressed, and without fork
spring, insert the gauge tube into the inner tube and
position the stopper across the inner tube top end.
Pull the handle slowly to pump out the excess oil until the
oil no longer comes out.
If no oil is pumped out, there is unsufficient oil in the inner
tube. Pour in enough oil, then pump out the excess oil as
shown above.
Spring Seat
Check the O-ring at the top plug, and replace it with a new
one if it is damaged.
Install the top plug with the O-ring.
Torque - Front Fork Top Plugs: 23 N·m (2.3 kgf·m, 16.5 ft·lb)
Change the oil of the other fork leg in the same manner.
Install the front fork legs (see Front Fork Installation).
KHL34-G10 (KAYABA) or


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