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If the clearance is between 0.050 mm (0.0020 in.) and the
service limit 0.09 mm (0.0035 in.), replace the bearing in-
serts [A] with inserts painted blue [B]. Check insert/journal
clearance with a plastigage. The clearance may exceed
the standard slightly, but it must not be less than the min-
imum in order to avoid bearing seizure.
If the clearance exceeds the service limit, measure the
diameter of the balancer shaft journal.
Balancer Shaft Journal Diameter
27.987 ∼ 28.000 mm (1.1018 ∼ 1.1024 in.)
Service Limit: 27.96 mm (1.1008 in.)
If either journal has worn past the service limit, replace
the balancer shaft with a new one.
If the measured journal diameters are not less than the
service limit, but do not coincide with the original diameter
markings on the balancer shaft, write new marks on it.
Balancer Shaft Diameter Marks
27.987 ∼ 27.993 mm (1.1018 ∼ 1.1021 in.)
27.994 ∼ 28.000 mm (1.1021 ∼ 1.1024 in.)
Δ: Balancer Shaft Journal Diameter Marks, "
no mark.
Put the lower crankcase half on the upper crankcase half
without bearing inserts, and tighten the case bolts to the
specified torque and sequence (see Crankcase Assem-
Measure the crankcase bearing bore diameter for the bal-
ancer shaft, and mark the upper crankcase half in accor-
dance with the bore diameter.
The mark already on the upper crankcase half should
almost coincide with the measurement.
Crankcase Bearing Bore Diameter Marks
31.008 ∼ 31.016 mm (1.2208 ∼ 1.211 in.)
31.017 ∼ 31.024 mm (1.2211 ∼ 1.2214 in.)
: Crankcase Bearing Bore Diameter Marks, "
or no mark.
[A] No. 1 Journal
[B] No. 2 Journal
Select the proper bearing insert in accordance with the
combination of the crankcase and the balancer shaft cod-
Install the new inserts in the crankcase and check in-
sert/journal clearance with a plastigage.
" mark or
" mark


Table of Contents

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