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Wheel Alignment Adjustment; Wear Inspection - Kawasaki KX85 Service Manual

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Drive Chain
In wet and muddy conditions, mud sticks to the chain
and sprockets resulting in an overly tight chain, and the
chain may break.
Check the rear brake (see Brakes chapter).
After servicing, it takes several applications of the
brake pedal before the brake pads contact the disc,
which could result in increased stopping distance
and cause an accident resulting in injury or death.
Do not attempt to ride the motorcycle until a firm
brake pedal is obtained by pumping the pedal until
the pads are against the disc.

Wheel Alignment Adjustment

Check that the notch [A] on the left chain adjuster [B]
aligns with the same swingarm mark [C] as the right align-
ment indicator.
If they are not, adjust the chain slack and align the wheel
alignment (see Drive Chain Slack Adjustment).
Wheel alignment can also be checked using the
straightedge or string method.
Misalignment of the wheel will result in abnormal
wear and may result in an unsafe riding condition.
Be sure the wheel is properly aligned.

Wear Inspection

Rotate the rear wheel to inspect the drive chain for dam-
aged rollers, and loose pins and links.
If there is any irregularity, replace the drive chain.
Lubricate the drive chain if it appears dry (see this chap-
[A] Bushing
[B] Roller
[C] Pin
[D] Pin Link
[E] Roller Link
Stretch the chain taut by hanging a 10 kg (20 lb) weight
[A] on the chain.
Measure the length of 20 links [B] on the straight part [C] of
the chain from the pin center of the 1st pin to the pin center
of the 21st pin. Since the chain may wear unevenly, take
measurements at several places.
Drive Chain 20-link Length
254.0 mm (10.0 in.)
Service Limit:
259 mm (10.2 in.)


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