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Jump Starting

Failure to follow these directions will
cause damage to the electronic
components, and can lead to a
battery explosion and severe injury
or death.
Never lean over batteries while
connecting or jump starting, you
might get injured.
Battery fluid contains sulfuric acid.
Do not allow this fluid to come in
contact with eyes, skin or clothing. In
case it does, immediately flush
affected area with water, and seek
medical help if necessary.
A battery will also produce hydrogen
gas, which is flammable and very
explosive. Keep flames or sparks
away from battery, avoid improper
connection of jumper cables,
smoking etc..
Read all instructions before
If the battery is discharged, the engine
should be started with jumper cables and
the (12 V) battery of another vehicle.
Jump start the car by using the battery
terminals located under hood.
Proceed as follows:
Position the vehicle with the
charged battery so that the
jumper cables will reach, but
never let the vehicles touch.
Make sure the jumper cables do
not have loose or missing
On both vehicles:
Turn off engine and all lights
and accessories, except
hazard warning flashers or
work lights.
Apply parking brake and shift
selector lever to position "P".
3. Clamp one end of the first jumper
cable to the positive (+) terminal of
the discharged battery and the
other end to the positive (+)
terminal of the charged battery.
Make sure the cable clamps do not
touch any other metal parts.
4. Clamp one end of the second
jumper cable to the grounded
negative (-) terminal of the charged
battery and the final connection to
the negative (-) terminal of the
discharged battery.


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  • Joe Jan 18, 2018 12:26:
    Got a 2001 e320. Sat several months and the battery went dead on me. Tried to jumpstart it but it won’t turn over. All lights and dashboard work fine but when I turn to start I get no response. Any ideas? Started right up 2 months ago.