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HP LaserJet 1100 User Manual: Half-self Test Functional Check

Laserjet printer.
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permanent fonts, but if the memory is too low a message "Font Test Aborted" is
printed. In some low-memory situations a reduced Self Test Page may be printed, but
the font printout may have enough memory to print all downloaded permanent fonts.

Half-self test functional check

The electrophotographic process can be subdivided into the following stages:
The purpose of the half-self test check is to determine which process is
malfunctioning. Perform the test as follows:
If there is no image on the photosensitive drum, perform the following functional
Image formation stage (charges the drum and writes a latent image to the drum
with the laser)
Development stage (forms a toner image on the drum)
Transfer stage (transfers the image to paper)
Cleaning stage (removes excess toner from the drum)
Fixing stage (applies heat and pressure to make the image on paper permanent)
Initiate a self test.
Open the printer door after the paper advances half-way through the printer
(about 8 seconds after the motor begins rotation). The leading edge of the paper
should have advanced past the toner cartridge.
Remove the toner cartridge.
Open the toner cartridge drum shield to view the drum surface. If a dark and
distinct toner image is present on the drum surface, assume that the first two
functions of the electrophotographic process are functioning (image formation and
development). Troubleshoot the failure as a transfer or fixing problem.
Make sure you have removed the entire length of the sealing tape from the toner
cartridge before you installed the cartridge.
Perform a drum rotation functional check.
Perform a high-voltage power supply check.
Troubleshooting/Maintenance : Functional checks 140



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