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HP LaserJet 1100 User Manual: Image Formation Troubleshooting; Checking The Toner Cartridge

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Image formation troubleshooting

Checking the toner cartridge

Image formation defects are many times the result of toner cartridge problems. If there
is any doubt, always replace the toner cartridge before troubleshooting image
Use the following checklist to ensure that the toner cartridge is still operable.
A toner cartridge weighs 702 grams (24.7 ounces) when it is full and 594 grams (20.9
ounces) when it is empty.
To redistribute toner in the cartridge
Before installing a new cartridge, or when toner begins to run low, redistribute the
toner by rotating the cartridge back and forth five or six times.
Troubleshooting/Maintenance : Image formation troubleshooting 121
Ensure that the toner cartridge is seated properly.
Inspect the toner cartridge for remaining toner.
Check the expiration date stamped on the toner cartridge box.
Check the toner cartridge to see if it has been disassembled or refilled.
Inspect the cartridge to see if toner is leaking through worn seals.
Check the surface of the photosensitive drum in the cartridge to see if it has been
damaged or scratched. Touching the drum contaminates the photosensitive
surface and can cause spotting and image defects.
Blurred areas on printed pages indicate that the photosensitive drum in the
cartridge has been overexposed to light. Because overexposure to light causes
permanent damage to the photosensitive drum, the cartridge should be replaced.



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