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Fifteen Year Limited Warranty - Bosch 520-HN-N User Instructions

Flow modulated with hydro-generated ignition suitable for heating potable water only - not approved for space heating purposes (intended for variable flow applications with steady cold water inlet temperatures)
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Fifteen Year Limited Warranty

BOSCH heaters are warranted by the Manufacturer
(BOSCH) through Bosch Thermotechnology. Bosch
Thermotechnology will furnish a replacement heat
exchanger and will furnish a replacement of any other
part which fails in normal use and service within the
applicable periods specified below, in accordance with
the terms of this warranty. The replacement will be
warranted for the unexpired portion of the original
warranty. This warranty will be valid only for water
heaters in possession of the original purchaser as
recorded on the warranty card.
The Heat Exchanger
If the heat exchanger fails within fifteen (15) years after
replacement heat exchanger. However, if the water
heater is installed in other than a single family dwelling
this heat exchanger warranty is limited to three (3) years
from date of original installation and operation.
This warranty will not apply:
• 1. to defects or malfunctions resulting from failure to
properly install, operate or maintain the unit in
accordance with the printed instructions provided;
• 2. to damage or abuse, accident, neglect or freezing
and other acts of nature;
• 3. to damage resulting from operation with either the
flame sensor rod or overheat sensor removed;
• 4. to failure of the heat exchanger resulting from the
operation of the water heater in a corrosive
atmosphere or at water temperatures exceeding the
maximum rating, or if the water heater is not supplied
with potable water;
• 5. to defects or damage cause by any attachment
or modification, including any energy-saving device
• 6. to damage resulting from scale deposits and/or
highly mineralized / unsoftened water supply.
All Other Parts
If any other part fails within three (3) years after original
installation and operation, Bosch Thermotechnology
Corporation will furnish a replacement part free of
Shipping costs
In addition to supplying the replacement part(s), Bosch
Thermotechnology Corporation will provide ground
service delivery for these parts. Expedited or upgraded
shipping will be charged to the customer.
6 720 644 942
Fifteen Year Limited Warranty
Service Labor Costs
This warranty does not cover any labor costs
associated with service, removal or re-installation of
part(s). All such costs must be borne by the Purchaser.
Additionally, this warranty does not cover any labor
costs associated with service, removal or re-installation
of the original water heater or a replaced water heater.
Note: the water heater must be free of
damaging scale deposits and not subject
to gas pressures greater than those
shown on the rating plate, which must not
be altered, defaced or removed.
How to Make a Claim
Any claim for warranty parts should be made to your
local dealer or distributor:
50 Wentworth Avenue
Londonderry, NH 03053
Phone: 866-330-2730
In most cases, the dealer or distributor will be able to
promptly honor your claim and subsequently notify
Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation. However, all
replacements are made subject to validation by Bosch
Thermotechnology Corporation of in-warranty cover-
age. The damaged or defective item must be made
available in exchange for the replacement.
No one is authorized to make any other warranties on
behalf of Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation. It is
expressly understood that the replacement warranty of
Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation shall be in lieu
of any and all other warranties, express or implied,
including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular use or purpose, and further that Bosch
Thermotechnology Corporation shall not be liable for
any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from the
use of the hot water heater, or for any consequential
damages arising from such use (including damages
Corporation sole liability with respect to any defect shall
be for the replacement of the defective part(s). Some
states do not allow such limitations and exclusions, so
the above may not apply to you.
This warranty gives specific legal rights. You may also
have other rights which vary from state to state.



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