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Main Features - Sony XCD-SX910CR/X710CR Technical Manual

Digital video camera module.
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The XCD-SX910CR/SX910 with its 1/2-type PS IT
CCD, and the XCD-X710CR/X710 with its 1/3-type
PS IT CCD are high-resolution industrial-use digital
video camera modules. Utilizing an IEEE 1394-1995
digital interface, transfer rates as high as 400 Mbps are
realized. In addition, the use of digital signals enables
industrial-use image processing without "image
deterioration," an important plus in the industrial
world. Moreover, the use of a square pixel CCD
eliminates the need for aspect ration conversion during
image processing.
Finally, a vibration resistance feature permits use of
these units in all types of inspection and imaging
What is the IEEE1394?
The IEEE1394 is the standard serial bus for sending
and receiving digital data. It is prescribed as "IEEE*
Std. 1394-1995."
The most outstanding feature of this interface is that it
realizes transfer speeds of up to 400 Mbps and can
handle large image data size. The interface is also
capable of "Isochronous transmission" which transmits
data real-time, for up to 64 channels. Connectors can
be inserted and disconnected while the unit is turned
on, and no terminators and no ID settings such as those
necessary for the SCSI interface are required.
* The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Main Features

The XCD-SX910CR/SX910 video camera
module utilizes a 1/2-type PS IT CCD, and
the XCD-X710CR/X710 utilizes a 1/3-type
RAW mode output using the RGB Bayer
pattern (XCD-SX910CR/X710CR only)
High-speed digital interface IEEE1394
The XCD-SX910CR/SX910 adopts an SXGA-
compatible 1.45 M-pixel CCD while the XCD-
X710CR/X710 adopts an XGA-compatible 800 Kpixel
CCD to produce high-picture quality images.
External trigger function
The external trigger shutter function allows the image
exposure to be coordinated with external equipment
and moving objects.
For exposure time, the unit is equipped with Trigger
Mode 0, which indicates the length of the exposure
using the shutter parameter, and Trigger Mode 1,
which controls exposure time by the width of the
trigger signal.
It is also able to utilize a software trigger initiated by a
command from a program running on a host computer.


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