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Cisco 7914 Phone Manual page 8

Cisco ip phone expansion module 7914
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Manual - 33 pages
User manual - 55 pages
System manual - 50 pages


Table of Contents
Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully push on one of
Step 5
the foot pins to release it. Then carefully push on the
other foot pin to release it.
Lift off the footstand and store it separately.
Step 6
Connect the Support Bar to the Cisco IP Phone
Refer to Figure 3 and the steps that follow.
Figure 3
Connecting the Support Bar
Position the support bar on the back of the
Step 1
Cisco IP Phone so that it fits flush with the phone.
Locate the two connector pins.
Step 2
Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully push each of the
Step 3
connector pins so that the support bar is firmly fastened
to the Cisco IP Phone.
You may have to lift and hold the
Cisco IP Phone to support it when pushing the
foot pins. When pushing on the footpins, push
away from your body.


Table of Contents

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