Selecting The Input Source; Changing Channels / Volume; Shortcuts Instructions - Hisense TV User Manual

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Selecting the Input Source

The first time you turn on your TV, you must select the TV
signal source. Your TV stores this information, so you do not
need to change the TV signal source unless it changes. For
example, you change from an outside antenna to cable TV.
To select the video input source:
1. Turn on your TV, then press [INPUT] button on the remote
or on the TV. The Input source menu opens.
2. Press [▲/ ] button to highlight the input source, then
press [ENTER] button.

Changing Channels / Volume

1. Press the [CH /V] (or [CH +/-]) on the TV/remote control
to change the channel.
2. Press the [VOL
/V] (or [VOL +/-]) on the TV/remote
control to adjust the volume.
3. Press the numeric buttons on the remote control to
display the corresponding channels.
Changing the channels can also be achieved by directly
entering the channel number using the numeric keys on
the remote control. If you are entering a two or three digit
channel number, the time between key presses should be
less than 3 seconds.

Shortcuts Instructions

Aspect - Select the screen aspect ratio from Normal, Wide,
Auto, Zoom, Cinema and 1:1 PIXEL MAP.
Normal: The original 4:3 aspect
ratio (1.33:1 signal) is preserved,
so black bars are added to the left
and right of the image. Standard TV
broadcasts are displayed with a 4:3
aspect ratio.
Wide: When watching a standard
broadcast or full-frame movie in
this mode, the display image is
stretched proportionately to fill
the TV screen. When watching a
widescreen (1.78:1 signal) program
or movie, the display image fills the
TV screen.
Basic Features
Auto: Automatically adjusts the
image based on the screen size and
the TV program.
Zoom: Stretch the 4:3 aspect ratio
image vertically and horizontally to
fill the screen at 1:1.78 aspect ratio.
Cinema: Stretch the 4:3 aspect ratio
image vertically and horizontally to
fill the screen at 1:2.35 aspect ratio.
1 : 1 P I X E L M A P ( V G A a n d
H D M I ( R G B ) o n l y ) : D e t e c t t h e
resolution of the signal and display
an image with the same number of
The aspect ratio varies with different sources.
Picture - Press to set the picture mode. It can be set as
Vivid, Standard, Theater, Energy Savings or Custom. This
mode achieves a certain image display effect by setting the
brightness, contrast and color etc.
Sound - Press to set the sound mode. It can be set as
Standard, Theater, Music, Speech and Custom.
Mute - Press to turn the sound off, press this button again
to turn the sound back on. This function is used to switch off
sound temporarily.
Sleep - It can set the TV to let it enter into the Standby
state automatically. Press this button repeatedly to select
the proper sleeping clock mode, and the clock tells you the
remaining time before the TV enters Standby state.
Display - Display the information banner. The information
including channel number, channel name, current system
time, tuner mode, audio stream, video format, audio
language, closed caption mode, parental locks rated,
program details, etc.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents