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Black & Decker VEC1138 Instruction Manual page 6

2,000,000 power series rechargeable spotlight
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Phillips Screws
Battery Replacement/Disposal
The life expectancy of the 6 volt, 4.5 amp-hour, sealed lead-acid battery is approximately 500 charging cycles. A
replacement battery may be purchased from an electrical supply store or from the manufacturer, you can reach
Customer Service toll-free at (800) 544-5504
Do not allow the battery to completely discharge. A dim light indicates the battery charge is low, and the Spotlight
should be recharged. Charge the battery as soon as possible after each use.
Battery Replacement
1. Disconnect the Spotlight from power source.
2. Remove the rubber bezel.
3. Loosen and remove two screws located on the side of the spotlight housing.
4. Lift up and set aside the retaining ring and reflector.
5. Remove six screws on the side of the spotlight housing and separate both halves of the unit.
6. Carefully unplug positive and negative wires from battery clips and remove battery pack. (Do not allow the
connectors to touch each other.)
7. Attach a new battery to wires, taking care to match up proper polarity (positive (red) to positive; negative (black)
to negative).
8. Position battery in housing and reassemble spotlight. Tighten all screws.
Battery Disposal
This unit contains a maintenance-free, non-spillable, sealed lead-acid battery. This battery is fully
recyclable and should be accepted at any location that accepts common automotive batteries.
Examples of places that accept these batteries are: county or municipal recycling drop-off
centers, scrap metal dealers and retailers who sell automotive replacement lead lead acid
• Do not dispose of the battery in fire as this may result in an explosion.
• Before disposing of the battery, protect exposed terminals with heavy-duty electrical tape to prevent shorting
(shorting can result in injury or fire).
• Do not expose battery to fire or intense heat as it may explode.
• For more information on recycling this battery, call toll-free (877) 288-7722.
Glass Lens
Retaining Ring
Rubber Bezel



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