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Canon XA10 Study Manual page 8

Canon xa10 hd camcorder
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UHM Media Lab
2350 DOLE ST. KHET Studio B
4. XLR Rec Channel: CH1 (keeps audio channels separate; CH1/CH2 setting combines
the 2 audio channels into one signal)
5. AV/Headphones: Headphones
6. Volume: 8 is the midpoint for the loudness of the headphones
7. FUNC  MENU 
R ec. Programs
Be sure to check these settings for manual operation of
the camera. These settings can be adjusted through the
menu in the Manual Exposure screen. In the "M"
(Manual Exposure) mode, you control all aspects of the
There are 3 other options in the manual camera mode: P for Programmed AE (you can set
everything except aperture and shutter speed which the camera chooses); Tv for Shutter-Pri.AE (you can
set everything except aperture which the camera chooses); Av for Aperture-Pri AE (you can set
everything except shutter speed which the camera chooses).
a. Touch to select Aperture control; adjust with the slider at the bottom of the screen (d)
b. Shutter Speed control; adjust with slider (d)
c. Gain control; adjust with slider (d)
d. Touch arrows at either end to adjust settings on slider or touch the slider and swipe left or right to
e. Zebra level setting: allows you to chose between 70% or 100% video levels for the zebra pattern
Zebra on/off: A red bar on the side of the icon indicate that zebras are on
g. Wave Form Monitor: Indicates the relative luminance levels of the video across the screen
9. Aperture: This will be adjusted at the time you are ready to start recording
10. Shutter speed: 1/60 (Standard video shutter speed)
11. Gain: 0dB (0dB gain minimizes the amount of video noise or grain in the video)
12. White Balance: Manually set the white balance
by navigating to the white balance screen.
W hite Balance
13. Choose one of the 2 icons,
, and shoot a white card in the scene.
To set the white balance touch "Set WB".
(Choosing "AWB" lets the camera automatically
guess the setting.) Other white balance options include selecting a preset white balance
to match the lighting conditions of the scene. (See Instruction Manual for matching white
balance to lighting conditions.)
CANON XA10 Camcorder
UHM Media Lab Study Guide 8/17/2011
 XLR Rec Channel  (CH1)
 AV/Headphones  (Headphones icon)
 Volume  (Headphone icon + 8)
M anual Exposure
S et 1 (or Set 2)
CANON XA10 Camcorder
Director's Phone: 956-3358
FRONT DESK: 956-3355
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