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Powering The Camera - Canon XA10 Study Manual

Canon xa10 hd camcorder
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C. Demonstrate how to mount the camcorder on the tripod.
Before mounting the camcorder to the tripod, make sure that the tilt lock (2) and pan lock (3)
are locked and all leg extensions are secured so that the tripod does not move or collapse
when mounting the camcorder. After mounting the camcorder to the tripod, be sure to loosen
the pan lock (3) in order to avoid accidentally knocking the tripod over.
D. Demonstrate this basic safety procedure.
Always double check tripod stability prior to mounting the camcorder.
IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid potential accidents with tipping the tripod over, never leave the
camcorder unattended, especially when tripod head (tilt lock) is in an unlocked position.
ALWAYS BE AWARE OF THE STATUS OF THE TRIPOD! To avoid damage to the tripod
head, never force a pan or tilt when the tripod head is in a locked position. This will cause
permanent damage to the tripod head!


Demonstrate two ways to power the camcorder
1. Battery power: Push a battery into the battery slot under the
viewfinder. Slide the battery upward (the triangle arrow at the top of
the battery points in the correct direction) until it locks into place.
Turning the camcorder on.
Remove the camcorder lens cap and press the "POWER" button to
turn the camera on. A green light will illuminate next to the ON/OFF
text. Open the LCD screen to see the picture. The battery level
indicator is on the upper right. If it isn't, push the "DISP. BATT
INFO" Button to bring it up. To remove the battery, turn the
camcorder off, slide the lever on the bottom of the camcorder
toward the front of the camcorder, and then slide the battery
downward and pull it out.
2. AC power: To avoid pulling over the camera, start by working from the wall
to the camera. Plug an extension cord into the wall. Plug a power strip into the
extension cord, making sure the power strip is turned off. Plug the AC power
adapter cord into the power strip. Plug the AC power adapter into the "DC IN"
plug on the camera. Turn on the power strip. The camera can now be turned on.
NOTE: The camera battery can be charged when the AC adapter is plugged
into the camera and the camera is turned off. The ON/OFF (CHG) light on the
camera blinks red to indicate that the battery is charging and it goes out when
the battery is fully charged.
Explain the situations in which a battery or AC power is used.
Batteries should be used for mobility such as when the camera is handheld or used for short
periods of time before setting up again. AC power should be used for extended setups when
camera is to be set up in one place for an extended period.
CANON XA10 Camcorder
UHM Media Lab Study Guide 8/17/2011
CANON XA10 Camcorder
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