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Canon XA10 Study Manual page 3

Canon xa10 hd camcorder
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UHM Media Lab
2350 DOLE ST. KHET Studio B
1. List 3 safety rules for proper handling of the
tripod (to avoid costly damage):
a. Never lean a collapsed tripod against a wall;
always lay it down on the floor.
b. Always open tripod legs by pulling all 3 legs
outward at the same time.
c. Never attempt to pan or tilt the head with the
pan and tilt locks tightened down.
Memorize and identify the
following Tripod Parts:
1. Tripod head
2. Tilt lock
3. Pan lock
4. Pan handle
5. Release lever (for camcorder plate)
6. Camcorder Head Lock
7. Bubble level
8. Leg extensions
9. Leg extension lock
10. Spreaders
11. Spreader lock (for collapsed tripod)
12. Camcorder Wedge Plate (remains
attached to the camcorder)
Complete the following Camcorder related demonstrations:  
A. Demonstrate how to properly extend the tripod legs.
Unlock the spreader lock (11) holding the tripod legs together. Unlock the leg extension
locks (9). Extend legs and re-lock.
B. Demonstrate how spread the tripod legs and adjust the head so that the head is level.
Drop one leg to the ground and pull on the other 2 legs so that they open evenly. Adjust the
tripod head by loosening the head lock (6) and centering the bubble in the level indicator (7).
Retighten the head lock.
CANON XA10 Camcorder
UHM Media Lab Study Guide 8/17/2011
CANON XA10 Camcorder
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