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Playback And Delete - Canon XA10 Study Manual

Canon xa10 hd camcorder
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Demonstrate how to playback and delete what you have recorded
1. Push the "CAMERA/PLAYBACK" button on the side of the camera.
This switches the camera from shooting mode to playback mode.
2. In the playback mode, you'll see still images of the
scenes you just shot. This is the Date/Index screen
for playback. Touch a scene to play it back.
3. Touch the screen while a scene is playing to reveal
more playback controls.
4. Touch the pause button to pause the playback.
Touch the stop button to return to the Date/Index
5. If you have a lot of scenes, you can swipe your finger across the Index screen to reveal
other scenes. (Read the manual for other ways to view the scenes and see information
about each scene.)
6. Use the zoom control to switch between 6 scenes per page and 15.
7. To delete scenes, touch "Edit"  "Delete"  "Select"
8. Select a scene by touching it. A checkmark appears on the
still image. (You may touch more than one to delete. If you
touch one again, the checkmark disappears.)
9. Touch "OK" and a confirmation screen appears. Touch
"Yes" to delete (all) the scene(s) you have selected.
Identify 3 buttons that can be customized
There are 3 camera buttons that can be
customized according to your preference when
the camera is in the manual mode. They can be
shortcuts to the functions you use most often.
You can select the settings you want in the menu:
Key/Dial] or [Assign Button 1] or [Assign Button 2]
1. Suggested setting for Assign Button 1 is AF/MF to switch between auto focus and
manual focus controls.
2. Suggested setting for Assign Button 2 is WB Priority to switch between Auto White
Balance (AWB) and the white balance setting you manually set.
3. In Manual mode (M) set the Custom Button/Dial to Manual Exposure. This allows you to
toggle between the Aperture setting, Shutter Speed setting, and Gain setting. You can
then change the each setting by rotating the dial beneath the Custom Button.
4. In one of the manual program modes P, Tv, Av, you may want to set the Custom Dial to
Exposure to make it easy to adjust your exposure setting. Exposure allows you to dial
CANON XA10 Camcorder
UHM Media Lab Study Guide 8/17/2011
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CANON XA10 Camcorder
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