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Shut Down And Clean-up; Storage - Kärcher HD 2.3/24 P / CD-23243 Operator's Manual

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STEP 1: Remove detergent suction
tube from container and insert into
one gallon of fresh water. Slide nozzle
forward for low pressure or to connect
black detergent nozzle. Pull trigger
on spray gun and siphon water for
one minute.
STEP 4: Press trig-
STEP 5: Disconnect the garden
ger to release wa-
hose from the water inlet on the
ter pressure.
CAUTION: Always store your pressure washer in a
location where the temperature will not fall below
32°F (0°C). The pump in this machine is susceptible
to permanent damage if frozen. FREEZE DAMAGE
1. Stop the pressure washer, squeeze spray gun trig-
ger to release pressure.
2. Detach water supply hose and high pressure hose.
3. Turn on the machine for a few seconds, until re-
maining water exits. Turn engine off immediately.
4. Drain the gas and oil from the engine.
5. Do not allow high pressure hose to become kinked.
6. Store the machine and accessories in a room which
does not reach freezing temperatures.
CAUTION: Failure to follow the above directions will
result in damage to your pressure washer.
When the pressure washer is not being operated or is
being stored for more than one month, follow these
1. Replenish engine oil to upper level.
2. Drain gasoline from fuel tank, fuel line, fuel valve
and carburetor.
3. Pour about one teaspoon of engine oil through the
spark plug hole, pull the starter grip several times
and replace the plug. Then pull the starter grip
STEP 2: Move the throttle to stop
the engine (Briggs Engine). Turn off
the engine (Honda engines).
Pump Water


9.800-087.0 • Rev. 10/09
STEP 3: Turn off water supply.
High Pressure
STEP 6: Disconnect the high
pressure hose from high pres-
sure outlet.
slowly until you feel increased pressure which in-
dicates the piston is on its compression stroke and
leave it in that position. This closes both the intake
and exhaust valves to prevent rusting of cylinder.
4. Cover the pressure washer and store in a clean, dry
place that is well ventilated away from open flame
or sparks. NOTE: The use of a fuel additive, such
, or an equivalent, will minimize the
formulation of fuel deposits during shortage. Such
additives may be added to the gasoline in the fuel
tank of the engine, or to the gasolinee in a storage
After Extended Storage
CAUTION: Prior to restarting, thaw out any
possible ice from pressure washer hoses,
spray gun or wand.
Engine Maintenance
During the winter months, rare atmosheric conditions
may develop which will cause an icing condition in the
carburetor. If this develops, the engine may run rough,
lose power and may stall. This temporary condition can
be overcome by deflecting some of the hot air from the
engine over the carburetor area. NOTE: Refer to the
engine manufacturer's manual for service and mainte-
nance of the engine.
STEP 7: Engage
spray gun safety


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