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Replacement Of Parts - Mitsubishi Electric FR-E500 Instruction Manual

Fr-e500 series transistorized inverter.
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5.3.7 Replacement of parts

The inverter consists of many electronic parts such as semiconductor devices.
The following parts may deteriorate with age because of their structural or physical
characteristics, leading to reduced performance or failure of the inverter. For preventive
maintenance, the parts must be changed periodically.
Part Name
Cooling fan
Smoothing capacitor in main circuit
Smoothing capacitor on control board
( 1 ) Cooling fan
The cooling fan cools heat-generating parts such as the main circuit semiconductor
devices. The life of the cooling fan bearing is usually 10,000 to 35,000 hours. Hence,
the cooling fan must be changed every 2 to 3 years if the inverter is run continuously.
When unusual noise and/or vibration is noticed during inspection, the cooling fan must
be changed immediately. When you need to change the cooling fan, contact the
nearest Mitsubishi FA center.
Inverter Model No.
FR-E520-1.5K, 2.2K, 3.7K-NA
FR-E520-5.5K, 7.5K-NA
FR-E540-1.5K, 2.2K, 3.7K-NA
FR-E540-5.5K, 7.5K-NA
z Removal
(For the FR-E520-0.75K to 7.5K-NA)
1) Remove the wiring cover. (Refer to page 7.)
2) Unplug the fan connector.
The cooling fan is plugged into the cooling fan
connector beside the inverter terminal block.
Unplug the connector and separate the inverter
from the cooling fan.
3) Remove the cooling fan cover.
Push the cover in the direction of arrow and pull it
4) Remove the cooling fan and cooling fan cover.
The cooling fan is secured by the fixing catches.
Disengage the fixing catches to remove the
cooling fan and cooling fan cover.
Standard Replacement
2 to 3 years
5 years
5 years
MMF-04C24DS BKO-CA1382H01
MMF-06D24DS BKO-C2461H07
MMF-06D24ES BKO-CA1027H08
MMF-06D24ES-FC4 BKO-CA1027H09
MMF-06D24ES FC5 BKO-CA1027H10
Change (as required)
Change (as required)
Change the board
(as required).
Fan Type


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