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Information; Service; Declaration Of Conformity - Silvercrest DGS 800 Operation And Safety Notes

Stainless stell steamer


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Your appliance does not require any special main-
tenance. In case of any technical malfunction, please
contact the following service hotline:
0044 – (0) 178 2 284 400
0044 – (0) 178 2284400
(Standard national call rate*)
* When calling from a mobile network additional
charges may be applied to the national landline
network tariff.
We issue a warranty of 3 years for your appliance
from date of purchase. The appliance has been
produced thoroughly and checked precisely prior
to dispatch. Damage referring to improper use as
well as wear parts do not come under warranty.
Only have your appliances
repaired by qualified specialist and only with origi-
nal spare parts. This is to ensure to maintain the
safety of the appliance.
Only have the exchange of the
mains plug or the power cord
manufacturer of the appliance or the after-sales
service. This is to ensure to maintain the safety of
the appliance.
Dear valued customer,
approx. 95 % of all complaints can unfortunately
be put down to handling errors and could be
solved without problems if you contacted our
service hotline, arranged for you, by telephone.
Therefore, we ask you to use this hotline before
returning your appliance to your retailer.
Here, you will be assisted quickly without having
to take any ways.
If the mains plug or the power cord
aged, only have these replaced by the techni-
cal after-sales service to ban any risk.
We, ROMMELSBACHER ElektroHausgeräte GmbH,
Rudolf-Schmidt-Straße 18, 91550 Dinkelsbühl,
Germany, herewith declare that this product complies
with the following EG-directives:
EG Low Voltage Directive
(2006 / 95 / EG)
Electromagnetic Compatibility
(2004 / 108 / EG)
Name of the product:
Stainless Steel Steamer Art.-Nr. 16463
made by the
is dam-
Subject to technical modifications for the purpose of
further development.

Declaration of Conformity/



Table of Contents

Table of Contents