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Sony KDL-32XBR6 Operating Instructions Manual page 7

Lcd digital color tv
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Preparation for Wall-Mount Bracket
All models are ready to be mounted on a wall.
Models KDL-S2V4l00 and KDL-S2W4100 will
require detaching the Table-Top stand.
• For product protection and safety reasons,
Sony strongly recommends that you use the
Wall-Mount Bracket model designed for your
TV and the wall-mounting of your TV should
be performed by a Sony dealer or licensed
• For bracket installation, refer to the supplied
"Installing the Wall-Mount Bracket" and the
instruction guide provided by the Wall-Mount
Bracket model for your TV. Sufficient expertise
is required in installing this TV, especially to
determine the strength of the wall for
withstanding the TV's weight.
• Be sure to use the screws supplied with the
Wall-Mount Bracket when attaching the
mounting hooks to the TV set.
The supplied screws are designed so that they are
8 mm to .12 mm in length when measured from
the attaching surface of the mounting hook.
The diameter and length of the screws differ
depending on the Wall-Mount Bracket model.
Use of screws other than those supplied may
result in internal damage to the TV set or cause it
to fall, etc.
Screw (supplied with the Wall-Mount
Mounting Hook
' - - - - Rear of the TV set
• Do not remove the Table-Top Stand of the
KDL-S2V4100 and KDL-S2W4100 for any
reason other than to wall-mount the TV.
• Models KDL-32/37XBR6, KDL-40V4IS0,
KDL-40/42/46V4100, KDL-40/46W4100 and
KDL-46W4IS0 can be wall-mounted as
packaged. If you decided to use the TV with the
TV stand and later want to wall-mount the TV,
follow the steps provided on this page to remove
the Table-Top Stand.
• Be sure to store the unused screws and Table-Top
Stand in a safe place until you are ready to attach
the Table-Top Stand. Keep the screws away from
small children.
Follow the simple steps below to remove the
TabJe-Top Stand:
Unplug the AC power cord and disconnect all
the cables from the TV.
Secure the Mounting Hook to the rear of the
Adjust the angle of the Mounting Hook.
Remove the screws on the rear of the TV (see
illustration in the next column). Do not
remove any other screws from the TV.
When screws are removed, lift the TV off the
stand. Make sure that you carry out this task
with at least two or three people. Do not
attempt to lift the TV by yourself.
• Shown here is model KDL-S2V4100; other
models may only require removal of three screws
(refer to the "Attaching the Table-Top Stand"


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