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Mounting Heater - Bosch Aquastar GWH 1600 H N User Manual

Hydro-generated ignition suitable for heating potable water only not approved for space heating or preheated water applications
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Mounting Heater

Warning: before starting installation:
B check that there are no loose parts
inside the appliance.
B ensure that gas pipe, gas valve, and
burner have no damage and are
properly fitted.
B Read chapter 2.2 to verify proper gas
type and to check all parts are included
in box.
Front cover should be removed in order to
instructions below).
Remove cover and inspect.
B Remove the temperature control.
B Remove the outer case by pulling it forwards and
then lifting upwards.
B Ensure that the flue terminal is clear.
B After inspection, replace front cover.
Install incandescent particle tray.
B Install incandenscent particle tray using screws
provided as shown in Fig. 5.
Incandescent particle tray
Fig. 5
Incandescent particle tray illustration
Mounting heater.
The GWH 1600 H is design certified for mounting on a
B Do not install this appliance on a
carpeted wall.
The heater must be mounted on a wall using
appropriate anchoring materials. If wall is a stud wall
sheathed with plasterboard, it is recommended that
support board(s), either 1x4's or 1/2" (minimum)
plywood first be attached across a pair of studs and
then the heater should be attached to the support
boards. See Fig. 7.
B Secure the two included L shaped hooks to wall
studs or support board 13 ¼" apart (See Fig. 7).
B Hang heater on two L shaped hooks (See Fig. 8).
6 720 608 032
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Fig. 8
Installation instructions
Remove front cover
Support board
Secure heater to wall

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