Care And Maintenance; Troubleshooting - Black & Decker TC212FRB Instruction Manual

Travel cooler/freezer and warmer
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• The warmer takes about 100-120 minutes to reach its maximum warm temperature
(approx. 120ºF). It is recommended that items to be stored in the warmer be pre-heated.
This will assist the warmer in reaching the maximum temperature as quickly as possible.
• The wamer will automatically shut off (down) when vehicle battery power falls below 10.7 volts.
• If the engine is switched off for a long period (overnight) it is recommended the unit be
disconnected from the accessory outlet to avoid draining the vehicle's battery.
• Food will stay warm for some time after the unit is disconnected or turned off.
• Observe common sense hygiene rules, as with any warming unit. Do not eat or drink
perishable items that may have spoiled or become contaminated.
Operation of the Freezer
To change this Cooler/Freezer to a freezer:
Fill the sealable ice tray (included) up a quarter of the way. Place at the bottom of the cooler.
By placing the freezer insulation pad (included) on top of the sealed ice tray this will
convert the cooler to a freezer.


The Black & Decker
provide years of dependable service.
• After each use, clean the unit inside and out with a soft cloth and mild soap solution.
• Do not scrape, scratch or puncture the surface of the cooler with sharp objects or abrasives.
• Dry the unit properly and store in a cool, dry place.
• Always make sure the power cord is disconnected before storing.
• Never allow the cooler/warmer to be immersed in liquid.
Fuse Replacement
The power cord is fuse-protected against short-circuiting, by a 8-amp fuse located in the
tip of the 12 volt DC plug. If the DC socket is powered, but the unit does not operate, then
the cooler/warmer fuse may be open.
To inspect or replace the DC Power Cord Fuse:
Unscrew the end-cap of the power cord plug.
2. Remove fuse, inspect it for an open element, and replace with a new 8-amp fuse, if needed.
Re-attach the end-cap to the plug.
If new fuse opens, call Customer Service department at (800) 544-6986 for further
instructions and possible return/replacement. This unit is not user-serviceable; it must
be returned to the manufacturer for professional service or repair. Any attempt to
service by user will void warranty.


Problem/Possible Cause/Remedy
• Travel Cooler/Freezer
– Accessory outlet of DC power supply is not functioning — check by plugging
in a 12 volt DC appliance.
– Fuse or circuit breaker in accessory outlet is open. Reset breaker or check fuse, and
replace fuse if necessary.
– Ignition is switched off — start engine or switch ignition to "accessory" position.
– Fuse in unit's power plug is blown — see Fuse Replacement section for location of fuse
and instructions for checking and replacing fuse.
® ®
Travel Cooler/Freezer
and Warmer is not functioning as a cooler or warmer (fan is not turning).
and Warmer is ruggedly constructed to



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