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Travel cooler/freezer and warmer
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The Black & Decker
warms like an oven. For best performance, plug in the unit approximately 2 hours before
loading to give it time to warm up or cool down. Always try to fill your unit with pre-
chilled or pre-heated food or beverages, as the unit will always perform at its best when
you do this.
Generally, your unit will cool down to as much as 50°F below the ambient temperature. To
ensure optimum performance, always keep the unit out of direct sunlight when using as a
cooler/freezer. To promote your unit's cooling capacity on warm days, try reusable frozen
ice packets.
When using the unit as a warmer, it will warm to approximately 120°F. On cold days, the
unit will need more time to reach the maximum warm temperature.
These are particularly helpful in keeping your unit cold while unplugged. Contact Technical
Support at (800) 544-6986 for further information.
The Black & Decker
beverages, either cold or hot. Use with standard household containers or ready-to-use
food and drink packaging. Ideal as a:
• Beverages –
• Food –
• Desserts –
• Snacks –
• Beverages –
• Food –
• Compact, lightweight, completely portable — use with vehicle's or boat's 12 volt DC
accessory outlet, or appropriate 12 volt DC power supply
• Non-wearing thermo-electric system cools to approx. 50ºF below surrounding air
temperature or warms to approximately 120ºF
• Built-in holder for two cups or two cans
• Use with standard household containers or ready-to-use packaging
• Rests on vehicle seat or floor for easy access
• Padded lid
• Extra-long, 7', 12 volt DC power cord with built-in 8-amp fuse-protected plug to protect
the unit and power source
• Convenient, detachable shoulder strap for easy portability
• Durable, weather-resistant construction with easy-open-and-close lid
• Environmentally friendly, CFC-free, polyurethane liner
• Cold/heat transfer to foods via temperature-efficient liner
• Built-in heat dissipation fan with long-life, brushless motor
• HOT/OFF/COLD sliding power switch
• Automatic shut-off to prevent overheating of unit
• "COLD" and "HOT" LED indicators
® ®
Travel Cooler/Freezer
® ®
Travel Cooler/Freezer
sodas, beer, wine, juice, milk, iced tea or coffee, shakes, thirst
quenchers, water and more — in cans, bottles, cartons, pouches, sport
bottles, etc.
salads, sandwiches, deli meats, hamburgers, hot dogs, meat or fish, buns,
condiments and dips, etc.
puddings, fruit cups, yogurts, etc.
fruit, candy, chocolate, cookies, fruit bars, chips, etc.
hot coffee and tea, cocoa, milk, etc.
leftovers, pre-packaged/pre-heated meals, take-out foods, soups, covered
dishes, stews, casseroles, etc.
™ ™
& Warmer cools like a refrigerator and
™ ™
& Warmer can be used with most food and



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