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Burner Heads - Electrolux Gas cooktop Use And Care Manual

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Care and Cleaning
Cleaning cooktop, grates, caps and burner heads
Cleaning the grates
The burner grates are dishwasher safe and may be
cleaned in the dishwasher. Remove any excessive
soils before placing in the dishwasher.
● For proper gas flow and ignition of the burners
— DO NOT allow spills, food, cleaning
agents or any other material to enter the gas
orifice opening.
● The cooktop is not removable. Do not attempt
to remove or lift the cooktop.
● To avoid possible burns use care when
cleaning the cooktop. DO NOT attempt to clean
the cooktop whenever the cooktop or burner
heads are still hot.
● To avoid possible burns DO NOT attempt any
of the following cleaning instructions provided
before turning OFF all of the surface burners
and allow them to cool.
● To avoid possible burns DO NOT attempt to
operate the surface burners without the burner
Your appliance is shipped with the burner heads
and burner caps in the correct locations. Before
using your gas appliance be sure to:
● Follow installation instructions before operating.
● Remove all packing tape from cooktop area.
Should you ever need to remove the burner caps
for cleaning lift the burner cap off the burner
head. Clean heavy soils with an absorbent cloth.
Rinse with a clean, damp cloth and immediately
thoroughly dry including the bottom and inside
of the cap. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners.
They can scratch the porcelain on the cap. Do not
clean burner caps in dishwasher. When placing the
burner caps, see Important note below.
When placing the burner caps on the cooktop, be
sure the burner caps are seated firmly on top of
burner heads. Improper flame size and uneven
heating may result when any surface burners are
turned ON and the burner caps are not seated

Burner heads

Lift the burner cap from the burner head. The
surface burner heads are secured to the cooktop
and must be cleaned in place.
For proper gas flow it may be necessary to clean
the burner heads and slots. To clean, first use a
clean DAMP cloth to soak up any spills. Remove
any food from between the burner slots using a
small nonabrasive brush like a toothbrush and
afterwards wipe using a damp cloth. For stubborn
soils located in the slots, use a small-gauge wire or
needle to clean.
Should you experience ignition problems it may be
that an ignition port hole is partially blocked with
soil (see figure below). With the burner head in
place, use a small wire gauge needle or the end of
a paper clip to clear the ignition port or ports.
Ignition port
Orifice port


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