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Line Out Connections - Sanyo FXD-780RDS Operating Instructions Manual

With cd changer control full panel detachable high power fm/am stereo receiver compact disc player with cd changer controller iso mounting with removable trim ring
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• When using a two-speaker installation, the Green, Green/Black, Violet, Vio-
let/Black wires, which are used for a four-speaker installation, are not used.
The ends of these wires must be covered with electrical tape to prevent them
from shorting to the unit or the vehicle chassis.
• When using a two-speaker installation, set the FADER control to the center
When fuse replacement is necessary remove the blown fuse
by using pliers. Then install the new 10 amp. fuse.


• The unit has a built-in CD changer controller and line out terminals. You can use a compatible Sanyo CD
changer and a separate rear channel amplifier to upgrade your system.
CD Changer DIN Socket
CD Changer DIN Socket
• Connect the 8-pin DIN cable, which is supplied with the compatible Sanyo CD changer, to the DIN socket
on the back of the unit.
RCA Line- out Jacks (For Rear Speakers)
• Connect a patch cable (not supplied) from the White (left rear channel) and Red (right rear channel) RCA
line output jacks to the line input terminals of the external amplifier.
RCA Line-out Jacks
White (Left)
Red (Right)
Rear Speaker
CD Changer
External Amplifier

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents