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About Usb Devices; Playback Order Of Mp3/wma/aac Files (cd-r/rw Or Mass Storage Class) - Sony MEX-BT3600U Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth audio system.
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• Before playing, clean the discs
with a commercially available
cleaning cloth. Wipe each disc
from the center out. Do not use
solvents such as benzine,
thinner, commercially available
cleaners, or antistatic spray
intended for analog discs.
Notes on CD-R/CD-RW discs
• Some CD-Rs/CD-RWs (depending on the
equipment used for its recording or the condition
of the disc) may not play on this unit.
• You cannot play a CD-R/a CD-RW that is not
• The unit is compatible with the ISO 9660 level 1/
level 2 format, Joliet/Romeo in the expansion
format, and Multi Session.
• The maximum number of:
– folders (albums): 150 (including root and empty
– files (tracks) and folders contained in a disc: 300
(if a folder/file names contain many characters,
this number may become less than 300).
– displayable characters for a folder/file name is
32 (Joliet), or 64 (Romeo).
• When the disc is recorded in Multi Session, only
the first track of the first session format is
recognized and played (any other format is
skipped). The priority of the format is CD-DA and
– When the first track is a CD-DA, only CD-DA of
the first session is played.
– When the first track is not a CD-DA, the MP3/
WMA/AAC session is played. If the disc has no
data in any of these formats, "NO MUSIC" is
Music discs encoded with copyright
protection technologies
This product is designed to play back discs that
conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard.
Recently, various music discs encoded with
copyright protection technologies are marketed by
some record companies. Please be aware that among
those discs, there are some that do not conform to
the CD standard and may not be playable by this
Note on DualDiscs
A DualDisc is a two sided disc product which
mates DVD recorded material on one side with
digital audio material on the other side. However,
since the audio material side does not conform to
the Compact Disc (CD) standard, playback on this
product is not guaranteed.

About USB devices

• Mass Storage Class and ATRAC Audio Device
type USB devices compliant with the USB
standard can be used. However, this unit cannot
recognize USB devices via a USB HUB. For
details on the compatibility of your USB device,
visit the Sony support website (page 26).
• Corresponding codec is different according to
device type.
– Mass Storage Class: MP3/WMA/AAC
– ATRAC Audio Device: ATRAC/MP3/WMA/
• DRM (Digital Rights Management) files other
than ATRAC cannot be played.
• The maximum number of displayable data is as
Mass Storage Class:
– folders (albums): 128, files (tracks) per folder:
– albums/artists/playlists/genres: 65,535, tracks:
• When using a cable, use the one supplied with the
USB device to connect.
• Do not use a USB device that is so large or heavy it
may interfere with driving operations.
• Do not leave a USB device in a parked car, as
malfunction may result.
• It may take time for playback to begin, depending on
the amount of recorded data.
• Backup of data in a USB device is recommended.
Playback order of MP3/WMA/AAC
files (CD-R/RW or Mass Storage
AAC file



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