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Displaying The Subtitles; Digital Teletext - Hitachi L19HP03U Instructions For Use Manual

19" lcd colour television
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• If you press
button you can see the
detailed help information easily. Press
button again to exit help menu.
• The starting time for EPG is the current time.
You can see the event information for the
next two hours.
By pressing
you can go to the next/previous hours while
Programmes list is highlighted.
• lf you press the OK button when a next event
is highlighted, a reminder is set for the
highlighted programme and a clock appears
on the screen.
• Programme reminders can be set to signal
that a programme is about to start when you
are watching another channel. If you set
reminder to a programme, then you will be
asked for switching to that channel when the
reminder time is due.
CBBC joins the Newsround team, keeping you up to date on the latest
stories and events happening at home and abroad.
Programmes on Saturday 21/8, 15:00 - 17:00
30. CBBC Channel
15:00 Even Stevens
40. BBC NEWS 24
15:50 Newsround Showbiz
41. ITV News
16:00 Basil Brush
50. Four Text
16:55 Newsround
51. BBCI
800. BLUE/LEFT 1k...
801. CCIR17/1kHz...
Change Time

Displaying the Subtitles

With digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T),
some programmes are broadcast with
subtitles. Subtitles can be displayed while
watching these programmes.
Press the M button to display the main menu,
highlight the Configuration line using
button and press the OK button to display the
configuration menu.
Highlight the "Subtitle" item in configuration
menu and use
Off or a language.
HITACHI-ENG-19856W-UK IDTV-1055UK-VGA-(LIPS)-10059155-50138612.p65
Saturday 21/8 13:51
Change Day
button to set Subtitle to
- 21 -
If "Subtitle" is on and a language option is
set, pressing the
following warning message display on the
Interactive services cannot be used
while subtitles are on. Would you like
to turn subtitles off now?

Digital Teletext

With digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T),
in addition to pictures and sound, you can also
view digital teletext.
Digital teletext is sometimes broadcast at the
same time with the normal broadcasting.
• Press the
• The digital teletext information appears.
• Operate it with the coloured buttons,
buttons and OK button.
The operation method may differ depending
on the contents of the digital teletext.
Follow the instructions displayed on digital
teletext screen.
• When "Press SELECT" button or similar
message appears on the screen, press the
OK button.
• When the
(Text) button is pressed, the
TV returns to television broadcasting.
• With digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-
T), in addition to digital teletext broadcasting
at the same time with the normal
broadcasting, there are also channels with
just digital teletext broadcasting.
• The aspect ratio when watching a channel
with just digital teletext broadcasting is the
same as the aspect ratio of the picture
watched previously.
• When you press the
the digital teletext screen will be displayed.
13.11.2008, 12:58
button causes the
/ / /
(Text) button again,



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