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General Description Of Product - Siemens BTC-BR User Manual

Tachograph programmer and calibrator
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Table of Contents
BTC-BR User's Manual
1 – General Description of Product
The new Tachograph Programmer and Calibrator Siemens VDO Automotive main goal is to offer one
more tool in tests and measurements of current tachographs, specifically for KTCO 1308, KTCO
1310, KTCO 1318 and MTCO 1390 models.
With the new equipment is possible to measure, generate test chart, simulate speed and, in cases of
MTCO 1390, even to program the equipment. Its main feature is to bring together in one unit, two
other essential to care of modern tachographs with which you will encounter in your daily life.
Besides practical to operate, it is also easy to be handled and can apply it both on the bench as the
vehicle itself in test, thus eliminating the need to remove the tachograph for tests.
It replaces with advantages the current calibrators in use, including the HTC 1602.19.
The equipment can be powered using the battery of the vehicle or an external source that is within the
standards specified voltage.
The connection with the tachograph is direct, by a single cable and without the need of any additional
component. A standard RS232 serial port is available for general purposes, such as communicating
with a bar-code reader, a printer or a microcomputer.
One of the innovations in this new equipment is the possibility of making automatic measurements,
i.e. without the need of the operator to define the beginning and end of the measurement.
One of the options is using it attached to an optical sensor and it will be responsible for determinating
the beginning and the end of the measurement of twenty meters automatically.
Also new in this equipment relates to the fact that it can be attached to the Portable Roll Test
(1602.26.160.267F) and thus simulate tracks calibration with 20, 50, 100 and 1000 meters. With this
additional facility your measurements will gain speed, accuracy and quality.
Fig. 01: External Connections (basic lower)
1. RJ – 6 Connector (exit RS 232)
2. Self-Lock Connector (tachographs)
3. Mini DIN 6 Connector (Portable Roll
Test / Optical Sensor )


Table of Contents

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