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Cpu (processor) And Cpu Heatsink - HP Z230 Maintenance And Service Manual

Hp z230.
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CPU (processor) and CPU heatsink

— When removing the heatsink, loosen all screws a little at a time to make sure the CPU remains
level. Do
— After you remove the CPU heatsink from the chassis, use alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the
thermal compound residue from the CPU and the heatsink, allowing the alcohol on the CPU and CPU
heatsink to dry completely.
— If you are reusing the original heatsink, apply thermal compound to the center of the CPU top
— If you are using a new CPU heatsink, do not apply thermal compound to the CPU because the
new heatsink already has thermal compound applied to the heatsink surface. Instead, remove the
thermal compound protective liner from the bottom of the new heatsink.
— Do not overtighten the heatsink screws. Overtightening can strip the threads in the chassis.
— Do not fully tighten one screw and then move on to the next. Instead, tighten all screws a little at a
time, ensuring that the CPU remains level.
— If you are installing a second CPU, it must be of the same type as the first CPU.
— Internal components might be powered even when the computer is off. To prevent damage,
disconnect the computer power cord before you remove or install a component.
— The CPU socket contacts and pads are extremely fragile. Do not touch the CPU socket contacts or
the gold pads underneath the CPU. Use extreme care and handle the CPU only by the edges.
— The CPU socket contacts are delicate and bend easily. To avoid bending the contacts, use
extreme care when installing the CPU in the socket.
— Installing a processor incorrectly can damage the system board. Contact an HP authorized reseller
or service provider to install the processor. If you plan to install the processor yourself, view the entire
remove and replace video before you begin.
— Failure to follow the computer preparation instructions can result in an improperly installed
processor, causing extensive computer damage.
Observe the following cautions when removing or replacing the heatsink.
fully loosen one screw, and then move on to the next.
Observe the following cautions when removing or replacing the CPU.
Component replacement guidelines


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