Adding Rinse Aid - Siemens 1G03QB 630G Instructions For Use Manual

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Adding rinse aid

The rinse aid is required for stain-free
utensils and clear glasses.
Use only rinse aid for domestic
Open the cover on the rinse-aid
. To do this, press the
mark (1 ) on the cover and
simultaneously lift the cover on the
control plate (2
Carefully pour in the rinse aid to just
below the edge of the filler opening.
Close the lid, ensuring that you hear it
snap closed.
To prevent excessive foam formation
during the next rinse cycle, remove any
rinse aid which has run over with a cloth.
Adjusting the amount of
The amount of rinse-aid added to the
water can be varied by adjusting the
stepless control. The rinse-aid control has
been set to "4" in the factory.
Do not alter the setting of the rinse-aid
control unless streaks (turn knob towards
"–") or water marks (turn knob towards "+")
are left on the dishes.
Rinse-aid refill indicator
As soon as the rinse-aid refill indicator
lights up on the control panel
refill with rinse aid.
If using detergent products with integrated
rinse aid, the rinse-aid refill indicator
can be switched off (see "Switching
the rinse-aid refill indicator off and on"
in the "auto 3in1" chapter).
Rinse aid controller


Table of Contents