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Introduction; Use; Good Service; Serial Number - Husqvarna SC18A Operator's Manual

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Thank you for purchasing a Husqvarna sod cutter.
Through your confi dence in us, you have chosen an
exceptionally high quality product.
This manual is a valuable document. It describes your
new Husqvarna machine. Read the manual carefully
before attempting to use the machine. Following the
instructions (use, service, maintenance, etc.) can
considerably increase the life-span of your machine
and even increase its resale value. Please contact
your dealer for more information.
If you sell your Husqvarna machine, make sure to give
the operator's manual to the new owner.


The sod cutter is used to remove the top layer of
sod in a 18" wide strip. Read the chapter "Safety
instructions" before you use the machine for the fi rst
This Manual belongs to the machine with the manufacturing number:

Serial Number

The serial number can be found on the printed plate
attached to the frame on the back panel under shifter
bracket. The plate includes the following information:
Machine's type designation (MODEL).
Machine's serial number (S/N).
Please state the type designation and serial number
when ordering spare parts.


Insure your machine
Contact your insurance company to check on
insurance coverage for your new machine. You should
have all-inclusive insurance for liability, fi re, damage
and theft.

Good Service

Husqvarna's products are sold all over the world and
only in specialized retail trade with complete service.
This ensures that you as a customer receive only the
best support and service. Before the machine was
delivered it underwent inspection and was adjusted
by your dealer. When you need spare parts or support
in service questions, guarantee issues, etc., please
consult the following professional:
The engine's serial number is stamped in the
crankcase under the oil level guard.
The engine type is specifi ed on the crankcase to the
right of the oil level guard but also appears on the
decal on the starter.
Please state these when ordering spare engine parts.


Table of Contents

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