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Frozen Food Storage; Thawing; Making Ice Cubes - Electrolux EUC 2325 X Instruction Book

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In order to freeze the quantity indicated on the rating
plate, arrange the food directly in contact with the
cooling surfaces. If the food is frozen in the baskets,
the maximum quantity that can be frozen is slightly
Once the food is completely frozen (which could take
up to 24 hours) press again the fast freeze switch;
the yellow light (B) goes off.
Distribute the frozen food packages in the other
compartments, so that the top compartments can be
used for a further freezing operation.
The food to be frozen must be fresh and of the
best quality.
Do not allow fresh food to touch food which is
already frozen.
During the freezing process, ensure that the
freezer door remains closed.

Frozen food storage

When you first start the freezer or if the freezer has
been out of use for some time, we advise you to run
your appliance for at least two hours in the «fast
freeze» mode before storing frozen food.
To obtain the best performance from this appliance,
you should:
If large quantities of food are to be stored, remove all
drawers and baskets from appliance (except for the
last one at the bottom) and place food on the cooling
Pay careful attention not to exceed load limit stated
on the side of the upper section (where
Do not exceed the storage period indicated by the
Finally, do not open the door frequently or leave it
open longer than is absolutely necessary.
Do not put carbonated liquids, (fizzy drinks etc.), in
the freezer compartment.
Ice Iollies, if consumed immediately after removal
from the freezer, can possibly result in a low
temperature skin burn.
Do not remove items from the freezer if your hands
are damp/wet, as this could cause skin abrasions or
"frost/freezer burns".
In the event of a power cut do not open the door. The
food in the freezer will not be affected if the power
cut is short and if the freezer is full. Should the food
begin to thaw, it must be consumed quickly and must
not be re-frozen.
10 kg
10 kg


Frozen food, prior to being used, can be thawed in
the fridge or at room temperature depending on the
time available. Small food items may even be cooked
from frozen; in this case cooking will take longer.
Any frozen food which is allowed to thaw accidentally
should either be eaten as soon as possible or thrown
away. Alternatively, if the food is uncooked and has
not been completely defrosted it can be cooked and
then refrozen.
Meat, fish and fruit should be thawed in the
refrigerator compartment and small pieces of meat
can even be cooked while still frozen, but you must
ensure that it is thoroughly cooked through.
Vegetables should be directly immersed in boiling
water; ready-cooked dishes can be placed directly in
the oven in their aluminium wrapping.
A microwave oven is particularly suitable for thawing
any type of frozen or deep-frozen food: follow the
oven instructions, particularly regarding the
placement of aluminium wrapping or containers in
the oven.
Defrosted cooked food must never be refrozen.

Making ice cubes

The appliance is provided with one or more plastic
ice cube trays.
Fill the tray(s) 3/4 full to give the ice space to expand
and place them in one of the freezer compartment.
To release the ice cubes simply give the tray a slight
twist. Do not use sharp or metallic instruments to
remove the trays from the freezer.



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