After Use; Operation - Black & Decker GST33 Instruction Manual

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Fueling and refueling the brush cutter
Warning! Use of unmixed, improperly mixed, or fuel
older than 90 days, (Stale Fuel), may cause hard starting,
poor performance, or severe engine damage and void
the product warranty. Read and follow instructions in the
"Storage Section" on this manual.
Warning! Alternative fuels, which contain, Methanol or
any fuels not meeting Black & Decker requirements are
NOT approved for use in Black & Decker 2-stroke gasoline
engines. Use of alternative fuels may cause performance
problems, loss of power, overheating, fuel vapor lock, and
unintended machine operation, including, but not limited
to, improper clutch engagement. Alternative fuels may
also cause premature deterioration of fuel lines, gaskets,
carburetors and other engine components.
Fuel requirements
Gasoline: Use 89 Octane (or higher) unleaded gasoline
known to be good quality and commonly used in the local
automotive segment. Should it contain Ethanol, make sure
it has low contents.
Two Stroke Oil: A two-stroke engine oil meeting ISO-L-
EGD (ISO/CD 13738) and J.A.S.O. FC/FD Standards must
be used. Castrol brand A747 2-Stroke Oil meets these
standards. Engine problems due to inadequate lubrication
caused by failure to use an ISO-L-EGD (ISO/CD 13738)
and J.A.S.O. FC/FD certified oil will void the two-stroke
engine warranty.
Fuel is very flammable. Use extreme care when mixing,
storing, or handling or serious personal injury may result.
f Use an approved fuel container.
f Do not smoke near fuel.
f Do not allow flames or sparks near fuel.
f Fuel tanks/cans may be under pressure. Always
loosen fuel caps slowly allowing pressure to equalize.
f Never refuel a unit when the engine is HOT or
f Do not fill the fuel in indoor areas. Always fill the fuel
in outdoor over bare ground.
f Do not overfill fuel tank. Wipe up spills immediatly.
f Securely tighten fuel tank cap and close fuel container
after refueling.
f Inspect for fuel leakage. If fuel leakage is found,
do not start or operate unit leakage is repaired.
f Move at least 3m (10ft.) from refueling location before
starting the engine.
Fuel to oil mix – 40:1 Ratio
Fuel ration other than 40:1 may
cause damage engine. Ensure
mixture is correct.
Mixing instructions
1. Fill an approved fuel container with half of the required
amount of gasoline.
2. Add the proper amount of 2-stroke oil to gasoline.
3. Close container and shake to mix oil with gasoline.
4. Add remaining gasoline, close fuel container, and remix.
Important! Inspect fuel tank making sure it is clean.
Always use fresh fuel.


DO NOT store a unit with fuel in its tank. Leaks can occur.
Return unused fuel to an approved fuel storage container.
As a precaution, store fuel in an approved, airtight container.
Store in a well-ventilated, unoccupied building, away from
sparks and flames. Check for local ordinances on type and
location of storage container.


Starting cold engine (Fig. F, G and H)
1. Stop Switch: Move stop switch button (1) forward
away from the STOP position.
2. Choke: Move choke lever (2) to COLD START
3. Purge Bulb: Pump purge bulb (3) 7 to 10 times
until fuel is visible and flows freely in the clear fuel
tank return line.
4. Recoil Starter: Firmly grasp right hand grip and
throttle trigger lockout with left hand and fully depress
throttle trigger to wide open position. Rapidly pull
recoil starter handle/rope (4) until engine fires
(or maximum five -5- pulls).
5. Choke: After engine fires (or 5 pulls), move choke
lever back to Run
and throttle trigger lockout fully depressed, and
pull recoil starter handle/rope until engine starts and
runs. Release throttle trigger, and allow unit to warm
up at idle for several minutes. Note: If engine does
not start with choke in RUN position after 5 pulls,
repeat instructions 2 to 5.
6. Throttle Trigger: After engine warm-up, gradually
depress throttle trigger to increase engine RPM to
operating speed.
position. Hold throttle trigger

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents