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f Stay alert: Watch what you are doing. Use common
f Do not operate tool when you are tired.
f Maintain appliances with care: Follow instructions
in maintenance section. Inspect extension cords
periodically and replace if damaged. Keep handles
dry, clean and free from oil and grease.
f Check damaged parts: Before further use of the
appliance, a guard or other part that is damaged
should be carefully checked to determine that it will
operate properly and perform its intended function.
Check for alignment of moving parts, binding of
moving parts, breakage of parts, mounting, and any
other condition that may affect its operation. A guard
or other part that is damaged should be properly
repaired or replaced by an authorized Service Center
unless otherwise indicated elsewhere in this manual.
f Keep the handles free from oil and fuel.
f Always use proper handles and shoulder strap
when cutting.
f Do not smoke while mixing fuel or filling tank.
f Always mix and store fuel in a properly marked
container that is approved by local codes and
ordinances for such usage.
f Never remove the fuel tank cap while the engine
is running.
f When ever approaching an operator of the machine,
carefully call his attention and confirm that the operator
stops the engine. Be careful not to startle or distract
the operator which can cause an unsafe situation.
f Never touch the nylon cutting head when ever the
engine is running. If it is necessary to adjust the
protector or nylon cutting head, be sure to stop the
engine and confirm that the nylon cutting head has
stopped running.
f The engine should be turned off when the machine is
moved between work areas.
f In strt-up or during operation of the engine, never
touch hot parts such as the muffler, the high voltage
wire or the spark plug.
f After the engine has stopped, the muffler is still hot.
Never place the machine in any places where there
are flammable materials (dry grass, etc.), combustible
gasses or combustible liquids.
f Pay specials attention to operation in the rain or just
after the rain as the ground may be slippery.
f If you slip or fall to the ground or into a hole, release
the throttle lever immediately.
f Wear no-slip heavy duty work gloves to improve your
grip on the brush cutter handle. Gloves also reduce
the transmission of machine vibration to your hands.
f Always stop the engine and remove the spark plug
wire before making any adjustments or repairs except
for carburetor adjustments.
f Mix and store fuel in a container approved for
gasoline. Do not smoke while fueling or mixing fuel.
f Mix fuel outdoors where there are no sparks or flames.
Wipe up any fuel spillage. Move 30 ft. away from
refueling site before starting engine.
f Stop the engine and allow to cool before refueling
or storing the unit.
f Allow the engine to cool; empty the fuel tank and secure
the unit from moving before transporting in a vehicle.
1. Blade
2. Drive Shaft Assembly
3. Throttle Trigger
4. Ignition Switch
5. Safety Lever
6. U-Handle
7. Harness Assembly
8. Air Cleaner Cover
9. Fuel Tank Lid
10. Fuel Tank
11. Purge Bulb
12. Debris Shield
13. Cut-Off Knife
14. Nylon Cutter Head
Installing plastic shield (Fig. B)
Install the safety cover on the shaft with the safety cover
bracket and the screws provided. Tighten the screws after
setting the safety cover bracket at the appropiate position.
Installing nylon line cutter head (Fig. I)
Align well plate holes with the shaft using the Allem key
provided with the manual and install retainer "A" with its flat
side down. Thread the bobbin (direction clockwise) until
tight. Then, unlock the retainer "A".
Installing handle (Fig. D)
Install handle in bracket: Position handle in a comfortable
operating position and tighten four M5x25 screws.
Blade installation (Fig. E)
f Install holder A, the tri-blade, holder B, teeth washer.
In this order. Then clamp with a lefthand thread net.
f Align hole of gear case and holder A, and insert
S=4mm bar wrench.
f Rotate blade-fastening nut with plug box wrench in
clockwise direction until securely tightened. Install
the pin 2x16 and disjoin it.
Warning! All models trimmers and brushcutters
can throw small stone, metal or small objects as well
the material being cut. Follow the instructions on the
"Instruction Manual".

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents