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The file or album names are not
displayed correctly.
. . The player can only display numbers and
alphabet. Other characters are displayed
(page 26).
The player does not operate properly or
the power does not turn off.
. . When static electricity, etc., causes the
player to operate abnormally, set the
POWER switch to "OFF" and disconnect
the adaptor and press ENTER on the
There is no picture or sound on the
connected equipment.
. . Re-connect the connecting cord securely
(page 10).
. . The connecting cord is damaged.
. . Check the setting of a connected TV or
Road safety
Do not use the monitor unit and
headphones while driving, cycling, or
operating any motorized vehicle. Doing so
may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in
some areas. It can also be potentially
dangerous to play your headsets at high
volume while walking, especially at
pedestrian crossings. You should exercise
extreme caution or discontinue use in
potentially hazardous situations.
On safety
Should any solid object or liquid fall into
the cabinet, unplug the player and have it
checked by qualified personnel before
operating it any further.
On power sources
• If you are not going to use the player for
a long time, be sure to disconnect the
player from the wall outlet. To
disconnect the AC power adaptor, grasp
the plug itself; never pull the cord.
• Do not touch the AC power adaptor with
wet hands. Doing so may cause shock
• Use a commercially available AC plug
adaptor, if necessary, depending on the
design of the wall outlet.
AC power adaptor
AC plug adaptor
(not supplied)
• Do not connect the AC power adaptor to
a traveler's electric transformer, which
may generate heat and cause a


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